Did you know that crocheting is a great way to beat stress and anxiety? This decades old craft helps relieve depression and increase productivity. That is why many crafters and DIY enthusiasts today are so interested in learning about it.

Are you eager to learn the ropes? Easy crochet animals for beginners might be a good place to start.

Why Amigurumi Helps With Making Easy Crochet Animals for Beginners

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There are a dozen things that you can do as a “beginner crocheter.” Most crocheting animals and amigurumi are so much more fun than your traditional table mats and hats. These quick, easy, and fun-to-make projects help you practice your stitches. Plus, they make an ideal personalized gift for friends and family.

The word amigurumi is a Japanese word meaning knitted or crocheted doll. This fun and delightful craft originated in Japan, but soon became popular worldwide.

From cute plushies to huggable teddies and even adorable critters – amigurumi offers a lot of play room. All you need to know is a handful of stitches. So, while you continue to master the craft, starting with easy crochet animals for beginners is definitely the best course forward.

Mastering the Stitches

Before you begin crocheting easy crochet animals for beginners, it’s important to understand and practice the following stitches and techniques. Doing so will help make your DIY projects more manageable and allow you to enjoy the craft.

Quick and Easy Crochet Animals for Beginners to Get Started

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1. The long-nosed hippo

Small enough to fit in your palms, the long-nosed hippo is one of the quickest and easiest crochet animals for beginners. While crocheting this pattern, pay attention to the ears, legs, and tails. The details are what makes this adorable animal crochet pattern stand out from the rest.

You will need:

Techniques required:

To make the head:

To make the ears:

To make the body:

To make the four legs:

To make the tail:

2. The two-pieced cute crochet kitty

This is another great crochet animal pattern crochet project with step-by-step instructions. Not only is this fun project easy to make if you have the basic skills, but it can also be a perfect gift for giveaways.

What you’ll need:

Techniques required:

For the body:

For the tail:

Frequently Asked Questions

What yarn should I use for amigurumi?

Many skilled amigurumi crafters suggest using cotton yarn in worsted weight. Besides, cotton yarn is great for beginners to practice on since it gives a great stitch. In case you can’t get cotton, try opting for worsted-weight acrylic yarn. A chenille yarn would work just as well.

What other supplies are needed besides the yarn for easy crochet animals for beginners?

Apart from the yarn, to get started, you will need:

How can I read a crochet pattern?

Reading a crochet pattern can be quite tedious, especially if you’re a beginner. However, with time, you learn to get used to reading the initials. Those looking into patterns for easy crochet animals for beginners can find reading guides online.


It’s fun to learn easy crochet animals for beginners! We hope you enjoyed our guide of how to make some cute animals, and check out our site for more!