About me

Are you a self-proclaimed crafter like me? 

I was always so envious of my friends who could draw or make things, so I decided that I wanted to step into the DIY world and see what I could contribute, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Do you feel the same way?  Do you browse Pinterest and say, “I think I will try to make that, but how?”? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. 

For the past several years, I have been researching and watching hours of YouTube videos trying to learn different crafting skills.  I have tried sewing, crocheting, woodworking, macramé, doodling, hand-lettering, vinyl projects, and anything else DIY/crafty you could think of. 

Do you want to learn to sew, but don’t want to do all of the research? 

You will find the basics of sewing right here.  From which sewing machine to start with to how to place your hands so your fingers aren’t sewn into your project. Fortunately, I have sewn enough to where that isn’t something I worry about now.  Here is the very first blanket I ever sewed.  If I can do it, you can do it too!

I look forward to being a resource for you on your crafting journey.  I know you are busy, but we can all make time for things that we want to do or try.  You know I’m right when I say that there is just something about crafting your own project and seeing that finished product knowing that YOU did it.  Everyone loves and needs that sense of accomplishment!

More about me

I am a mom of three and my kids are the joy of my life, but crafting keeps me sane and grounded.  You and I both know that it isn’t easy being a mom, but everyone can benefit from crafting.  You will soon find that as your kids see you having fun being crafty, they will put down the electronics and join you!

My daughter is learning to sew; watching her light up when she finishes a project makes me so happy and proud!    Kids have that drive that we as adults sometimes lose.  Who knows, maybe your kids will be your inspiration to try new and different things!  I made my first wooden puzzle with a scroll saw when my sons wanted an alligator puzzle.

My first wooden puzzle

It wasn’t pretty, but that opened up an entirely new world of crafting to me.  I have since created lots of woodworking projects that you will learn how to do right here. 


Passion. That’s the word I think of when I talk about DIY crafts.  That’s how I feel about teaching you to craft.  I am here to help you become the best crafter you can be!  You have me as your cheerleader and teacher. 

Do you still have doubts that you can’t craft? 

Do you think you just don’t have the talent? 

You’re wrong.  Stop doubting yourself.  Believe that you can, and you will.  It doesn’t take talent to craft, it takes numerous attempts and failures.  Perfection is impossible; handmade is raw and real. 

If you are like me, you probably have a lot of unfinished projects somewhere in a storage bin.  Everyone does.  We all think that our projects have to be perfect, so we give up on them and pack them away when we think they aren’t.  “Finished; not perfect.” – The best advice someone once gave me. 

I started focusing on finishing my projects instead of worrying so much about them being perfect.  You will get better and your end results will improve!   I am here to help you find the right tools and give you the best tips to create things you never thought you could create. 

It’s not super cheap

Alright friend, let’s be honest….crafting is EXPENSIVE!  No need to worry because I will do my best to find you the most valued/high-quality products for your projects.  Who wants to buy something super cheap only to have it break the first time you use it?

So are your creative juices flowing yet?  Do you have that one Pinterest Board called “Craft Ideas” full of pins?  I know exactly how you feel.  I have so many projects I want to do that it almost overwhelms me.  Find one or two projects that you absolutely want to create and start your crafting journey! 

The main thing to do is to START!  I am SO excited to be on this journey with you!  I want you to feel what I feel when a project is completed: proud, accomplished, and happy!  You deserve it!  Just think of all of the projects you will complete once you get going!  I can’t wait to serve you and be your crafting bestie! Let’s do this!

Other Contributors

Hey Party People! I’m Stephanie White, or just Steph. 

I’m an event planner, blogger, and content creator. I left the corporate event planning world to raise my three kids and pursue my dream of working from home doing the things that I love.

The things I like to celebrate take many shapes and forms. From a full on event to something as simple as cookie decorating on a Sunday morning, I strive to celebrate something every day. My motto is, “it’s fun to have fun”, and I have often found that the simplest celebrations tend to create the most memorable traditions.

My mission is to teach busy aspiring hosts and moms with multiple kiddos how to entertain confidently and have fun with the DIY lifestyle

A little over a year ago you would have found me shuffling my way into D.C. every morning after dropping my toddler off at daycare. I loved my job as a corporate event planner and I worked for an amazing organization, but I felt there were other things in store for me. 

Life has a funny way of opening up the right doors at the right times. After getting pregnant with twins (yes – BIG plot twist), I knew I would need to come home and take care of my kids.

But even with 3 kiddos to manage, I could not stop day dreaming about starting my own online business. This lead me to launch Events Full Circle, where I concentrate on offering virtual event planning resources and services to help busy babes and mamas (like me), plan celebrations easily from home. I also love to blog and create content for all things DIY, home, and parties!

A little about my background…

At the age of 24, I left my home city and moved across the country to land my “dream job” of working in the film industry. Little did I know, that adventure would introduce me to the world of planning events and online marketing. I also happened to meet my hubby (meant to be).

The social and corporate event planning experience that I have gained has given me the expertise to independently launch Events Full Circle. Over the last decade I’ve worked in hotels and banquets, the catering industry, and as an event planner in one of the busiest cities in the country, Washington D.C. But my heart is at home with my kids and a place where I can create!

Today you can find me pursuing my dreams while not missing one single art project or smile from my toddler and new baby twins.


Do you want to know what I am all about?

Creating both the “once in a lifetime” events and the small everyday celebrations. Both are equally as important in my eyes and make up the best parts of life.