16 Cool & Practical Things to Sew and Sell

things to sew and sell

Handmade goods are a huge buzz in the market right now. Not only are they easy to buy, but they’re easy to sell as well. That’s why we brought you this list of 16 things to sew and sell. The demand for organic, authentic handmade products is massive. Everything is online these days, so people […]

Happy Birthday Fabric Bunting in 5 Minutes

happy birthday fabric bunting

Nothing screams celebration more than a bunting, and we’re all for it. These are among the most used décor items for events like birthdays, graduations, baby showers, you name it! These strings of bunting offer a simple yet very effective way to add cheerful, popping, and happy decorations in and around the house. That’s why […]

Cool Things to Sew — Unleash Your Creativity!

cool things to sew

When it comes to sewing, most people only think about clothing. While that might be the most obvious and well-known form of sewing, there’s so much more you can do with a needle and thread. From hair accessories to pet costumes, you can sew anything your heart desires. In this article, we’ll share some cool […]

How to do reverse tie dye

How to do reverse tie dye

Bleach-dyeing allows you to remove color from the fibers of the fabric rather than add it. With this method you can customize your clothes with a unique design and a simple and fast way. Learn how to reverse tie dye to give your clothes a unique design. Reverse tie dye For this dyeing method you […]

How to fix a zipper on a bag

how to fix a zipper on a bag

Zippers were invented somewhere between the 19th and 20th centuries, and they were updated until they became what we know today. They changed how we put on our clothes, and we protect our luggage. They have made dressing up much faster, as we can simply zip up a jacket from top to bottom in a […]

What are the sewing machine needle sizes? (Quick guide)

What are the sewing machine needle sizes?

When using a sewing machine, there are a few specifications you need to keep in mind depending on the project you are working on. You need to think about the thread, the fabric you are using, and the size of the needle, which can make a whole difference on the final results. However, we need […]

How to remove yellow stains from your clothes

How to remove yellow stains from your clothes

Time and use can have a negative effect on the clothes you use every day. The combination of wear, cleansing products and perfumes can create stains on the fabric. For example, the mix of the components in deodorants and sweat can create yellow stains, especially on white clothes or other clear colors. Let’s see how […]

Anatomy class: parts of a sewing machine

parts of a sewing machine

If you use your sewing machine often or if you are just getting started in the world of sewing, it is very important to know the names of the parts of sewing machine and their functions. While all sewing machines are different, most share basic features that are similar to one another. In this article […]

How to remove embroidery quickly

How to remove embroidery quickly

Embroidery is an excellent way to embellish your clothing or accessories, either decoratively or to personalize clothing with a company logo. However, there are times when we want to remove embroidery for different reasons, for example, because we don’t like the design, the size, or the colors, because we don’t want to promote a brand […]

How to fray bottom of jeans. Best way!

How to fray bottom of jeans_49. Best way!

What if I tell you that you can be fashionable by customizing your jeans at home? The fashion for frayed jeans is back and it’s so easy to do it with your own hands. In this step by step tutorial, I will explain the step by step of how to fray bottom of jeans and […]