How to Fix Heat Transfer Vinyl Mistakes – The Ultimate Guide

how to fix heat transfer vinyl mistakes

Do you love creating unique and personalized clothing and accessories using heat transfer vinyl (HTV)? While HTV is a fantastic way to showcase your creativity, sometimes mistakes can happen. Whether big or small, these mistakes can be quite frustrating to fix. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll be taking a […]

16 Cool & Practical Things to Sew and Sell

things to sew and sell

Handmade goods are a huge buzz in the market right now. Not only are they easy to buy, but they’re easy to sell as well. That’s why we brought you this list of 16 things to sew and sell. The demand for organic, authentic handmade products is massive. Everything is online these days, so people […]

Happy Birthday Fabric Bunting in 5 Minutes

happy birthday fabric bunting

Nothing screams celebration more than a bunting, and we’re all for it. These are among the most used décor items for events like birthdays, graduations, baby showers, you name it! These strings of bunting offer a simple yet very effective way to add cheerful, popping, and happy decorations in and around the house. That’s why […]

How to Wash a Silk Dress and Other Home Remedies

how to wash a silk dress

Silk is a pretty delicate material and surely you can’t simply throw your silk dress in the washing machine. Visiting the dry cleaners every time your silk dress needs a wash gets pretty inconvenient. Not to forget, it’s not a cheap affair. What if we told you that you can wash your silk dresses right […]

How to Reverse Weed Vinyl and Why Should You Do It

how to reverse weed vinyl

Weeding out your design from backing paper before using a transfer tape is a basic step when applying vinyl. All the excess vinyl needs to be removed before you transfer the vinyl, so conventionally, we weed the design before applying the transfer tape. However, you might have heard of a new trick called reverse weeding, […]

Cool Things to Sew — Unleash Your Creativity!

cool things to sew

When it comes to sewing, most people only think about clothing. While that might be the most obvious and well-known form of sewing, there’s so much more you can do with a needle and thread. From hair accessories to pet costumes, you can sew anything your heart desires. In this article, we’ll share some cool […]

How To Make Screen Print Transfers with Cricut: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to make screen print transfers with cricut

Screen printing transfers are a great way to add custom designs to a variety of items, from custom t-shirts and hats to tote bags and home decor. With the Cricut, a popular cutting machine, creating these transfers has never been easier. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of how to make screen […]

Transfer Tape Alternatives to Save You Money and Time

transfer tape alternative

When working on Silhouette or Cricut vinyl projects, transfer tape is an essential supply. You will constantly need to transfer vinyl to various surfaces of your preference. If you’re working with a smaller budget, transfer tape alternatives can provide you with similar functionality at a much cheaper price. Even if budget isn’t an issue, transfer […]

How to Engrave Jewelry – A Beginner’s Guide to Engraving Like a Pro!

how to engrave jewelry

Did you know that the craft of engraving has roots stretching back millennia? Egyptians were limited to etching adorable designs on the stones and walls of the cave. Today, engraving even a simple piece of jewelry can turn into a personalized gift for your loved ones. However, before you learn how to engrave jewelry, you must […]

A Step-by-step Guide for Easy Crochet Animals for Beginners

easy crochet animals for beginners

Did you know that crocheting is a great way to beat stress and anxiety? This decades old craft helps relieve depression and increase productivity. That is why many crafters and DIY enthusiasts today are so interested in learning about it. Are you eager to learn the ropes? Easy crochet animals for beginners might be a […]