How to Fix Heat Transfer Vinyl Mistakes – The Ultimate Guide

how to fix heat transfer vinyl mistakes

Do you love creating unique and personalized clothing and accessories using heat transfer vinyl (HTV)? While HTV is a fantastic way to showcase your creativity, sometimes mistakes can happen. Whether big or small, these mistakes can be quite frustrating to fix. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll be taking a […]

Transfer Tape Alternatives to Save You Money and Time

transfer tape alternative

When working on Silhouette or Cricut vinyl projects, transfer tape is an essential supply. You will constantly need to transfer vinyl to various surfaces of your preference. If you’re working with a smaller budget, transfer tape alternatives can provide you with similar functionality at a much cheaper price. Even if budget isn’t an issue, transfer […]

Desk cable management ideas (Best DIY)

desk cable management ideas

Surely you have many tangled cables along with your computer and that’s why I want to show you some “desk cable management ideas” so you can manage it better and make it look neater. Nowadays we have many more devices connected than before, not only the monitor, keyboard, and mouse but also webcam, microphones, and […]

Epoxy molds DIY with silicone (best way)

Epoxy molds DIY

Silicone molds come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and designs, but sometimes you can’t find the perfect mold for your epoxy resin project or you just want to copy the shape of an object you already have. That is why in this article I will explain step by step how to do resin mold […]

DIY wire wrapping stones (Easy & fast steps)

wire wrapping stones

Today I will teach you about “wire wrapping stones” so you can make your own stone necklaces in a super easy and inexpensive way. It is an easy-to-do method, so it can be done by any beginner. Just go ahead and create the necklace you like the most.  Stones are widely used for jewelry thanks […]

Block Printing: History, Techniques and Supplies


Those of us who like crafts love learning about new techniques and putting them into practice. That’s how I got to know and learn about block printing. This technique consists of printing patterns by means of engraved wooden blocks. It is one of the oldest and simplest techniques of textile printing, which although it is […]

Learn how to make a beaded bracelet (Easy & fast DIY)

how to make a beaded bracelet

Today I will show you how to make a beaded bracelet super easy, you can make friendship bracelets, to sell for lovers and everything you want.  It’s really a very fun method because you can make the color combinations you like, you can also add flower charms, and beads with letters (to form words like […]

Find out how to remove acrylic paint (Best DIY)

how to remove acrylic paint

Possibly when you make crafts you usually paint them with acrylic paint and usually without realizing it, a little bit of it falls on a garment you are wearing (it happened to me a lot of times!). That’s why in this new tutorial I will show you the easiest way (and with products from home) […]

Can Glowforge cut metal? (Best tips 2023)

can Glowforge cut metal

If you are thinking about cutting or engraving metal but you are not sure if your Glowforge can do it, don’t worry, because I’m going to tell you everything you have to know about it. As you know this type of laser printer has a wide variety of applications: you can paint, cut, engrave and […]

How to make a cone out of paper in a perfect way

how to make a cone out of paper

Today I would like to show you something new and very useful: how to make a cone out of paper. Perhaps you would like to make birthday hats or your own Christmas tree, maybe you would even like to put popcorn inside for when you watch movies, or maybe you would like it as a […]