Learn how to make a beaded bracelet (Easy & fast DIY)

Today I will show you how to make a beaded bracelet super easy, you can make friendship bracelets, to sell for lovers and everything you want. 

It’s really a very fun method because you can make the color combinations you like, you can also add flower charms, and beads with letters (to form words like “Love”, and “I love you”) and also personalize them with names.

It is a great idea of entrepreneurship since it takes no time at all to create them, it is also really easy (and inexpensive) to get the elements such as beads and thread. 

My advice is to let your creativity run wild and make all the possible design combinations.

¬†Now, let’s learn how to make a bracelet!

Learn how to make a beaded bracelet (Best DIY)

The advantage of making this type of handmade bracelets is that they never go out of style and many people love them (especially children).

They are also an excellent gift, if it is an excellent choice, because as I said, many people like to wear bracelets and can serve for any event, whether a party, a dinner or for everyday use.  

Also if you want to teach a child to make them, it is a really good option to approach making their first craft (just make sure you supervise each step by step and do not try to put any element in their mouth).

They are very comfortable and are an accessory that goes with everything. If they are not too flashy in their design, they can be a great detail in your outfit (the “touch” you are looking for in an outfit, since it is a great and simple contribution).

Let’s now see what materials we need to make them:

Essential materials: 

  • Elastic thread
  • Beads
  • Charms and letters (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Centimeter or ruler

Step by step of “how to make beaded bracelets”:

making the bracelet
  • Step#1

    To start you can measure with your wrist the amount of thread you need (that will surely be approximate because everyone is different).

    The good thing is that the thread being elastic will be able to expand in case your wrist is a little bit wider.

    What you have to consider is that the bracelet will have some knots so leave a little more thread for that. 

  • Step#2

    Once you have your thread cut, you need to put some paper tape on the ends of the thread so that the beads you are going to place don’t slip off.

    If you don’t have paper tape you can use some paper clips on the ends and that will perform the same function as a stopper for the beads until you tie the knot.

    This ribbon tip is important because it allows you to work quietly without the beads slipping off.

  • Step #3

    Now you are going to place the beads one by one on the thread (if you have charms or letters you will also place them according to the design you have in mind).

  • Step #4

    When you have completed the desired length of your bracelet, you are going to tie the knots to close it.

    First, you take each end of the leftover thread and tie 2 simple knots (first one and then the other), then you take the loop of the knots together and tie a third knot with it (you can use a finger to help you do this). 

    In the end, you can also tighten the whole knot and bring it closer to the beads, so it will fit better.

  • Step#5

    Finally, take the scissors, cut close to the knot and that’s it! Now you know how to make beaded bracelets.

If you want to see a tutorial on “how to make a beaded bracelet” you can see it by clicking here.

Now if you want to use waxed thread instead of elastic thread and want to know how to do it, here I will explain it in this step by step of “how to tie a slip knot”:

  Essential materials:

  • Waxed thread
  • Lighter
  • Scissors
  • Centimeter or ruler
  • Step#1

    Once you have your finished bracelet, you will cut between 15 to 20 centimeters of waxed thread. You will then take the free ends of the bracelet and cross (and join) them proportionally.

  • Step#2

    Then with the cut thread, you pass it under the ends together and place it in the middle of both. 

  • Step#3

    You make a circle on one side of the yarn and then with one of the ends you baste under the other yarns and then tighten.

    What will be left will be a knot, so you repeat the process but make a circle on the other side to get another knot.

    What happens is that you make a “stitched” effect between the thread and the ends of the bracelet.

  • Step#4

    You can make 4 knots or as many as you want to make and when you are done you take the scissors, push the excess thread out a little bit and cut it.

  • Step#5

    To seal you use the lighter(here be very careful to make just a touch of heat with the lighter, as the yarn is waxed and can catch fire).

Now you also know “how to tie a slip knot”!

You can watch a tutorial here:

I hope you found this step-by-step “Learn how to make a beaded bracelet” helpful.

I really recommend this kind of technique as they are very easy to do and you can produce many in a short time (if you want to make a bracelet business).  

Undoubtedly an incredible proposal to make crafts and display all your creative potential. You just have to follow your own artistic ideas and follow the super easy instructions to do it.

See you in the next tutorial about how to make jibbitz for your crocs”.

Happy crafts!