Happy Birthday Fabric Bunting in 5 Minutes

Nothing screams celebration more than a bunting, and we’re all for it. These are among the most used décor items for events like birthdays, graduations, baby showers, you name it!

These strings of bunting offer a simple yet very effective way to add cheerful, popping, and happy decorations in and around the house. That’s why many people prefer bunting more than any other type of party décor item.

Additionally, the possibility of making your own happy birthday fabric buntings just takes the experience to a whole new level. You can give your own unique oomph to it and customize it the way you specifically want it to be.

Without further ado, let’s learn how you can make your own happy birthday fabric bunting!

DIY Project: Happy Birthday Fabric Bunting

happy birthday bunting

The very first thing you need to do is gather all the supplies. We’ve listed out all the supplies you’ll need to make your very first happy birthday fabric bunting.

You won’t need to go above and beyond to get these items. You can easily find them in your nearest stationery stores or convenience marts. Also, we’re sure you’ll already have most of these items lying around inside the house if you’re someone who’s super into DIYs.

Supply List:

  • Pre-cut letters: You can simply get them from your local convenience store, or online.
  • A strong fabric adhesive glue
  • Cotton tape
  • Pins or wonder clips
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Pinking shears (that feature saw-toothed blades)
  • Scraps
  • Pattern piece: The type of pattern you wish to use for your bunting is totally up to you. We’re using triangular patterns.

Now that you’ve got all your supplies ready, let’s make a happy birthday fabric bunting.

Step 1

pastel linen fabric

First, make sure you have enough fabric to make your preferred pattern. For that, see how many triangles you’ll need for your happy birthday fabric bunting.

Take note that if you’re adding the name of your child in the bunting string, you’ll require even more patterns.

Step 2

Now, once you have the triangles ready and waiting, grab the pre-cut letters and place each letter against one triangle.

Iron the letters to their respective triangles one by one. For these purposes, Steam-a-Seam really comes in handy (one side has paper while the other has a sticky side.)

After cutting out the letters, place them towards the side that’s sticky, one by one.

Step 3

letter t on bunting banner

Once you have all the letters ready, you can decorate the patterns even more by using decorative scissors.

Use a scissor with a zigzag pattern, and cut along the sides of the triangle. Do this for each of the letters. You can also add sparkles, tassels, or anything else you want.

Step 4

When you have the letters on the triangles decorated and ready, align them correctly and lay them together on the ground.

You can either have “Happy Birthday” on one single continuous string or “Happy” and “Birthday” on two different strings. This way, you have many ways to place and decorate your happy birthday fabric bunting.

Step 5

Make sure the triangle edges aren’t fraying by using pinking shears.

Step 6

Take hold of the middle by finding the bias tape. Take note that you need to align the letter in the middle with the tape’s center point.

We recommend using clips, since these are much more efficient compared to pins, and make a much faster sewing process. Place the triangles in their respective positions using the clips.

Also, you’ll realize the length of the two edges of the bias tape isn’t the same. One will be a bit shorter – this is normal.

Step 7

close-up of sewing machine

Use the sewing machine and stitch together the triangles and the bindings.


How much fabric will I need to make my happy birthday fabric bunting?

The amount of fabric will totally depend on you. The longer the bunting, the more fabric you’ll need to use.

Generally, the width will be about 6.5 inches for one finished triangle. Take that as the base measurements, and see how many triangles you’ll need for the bunting string. Doing so will help you figure out how much fabric you need.

What type of tape should I use?

We strongly suggest you use cotton tape while making happy birthday fabric bunting. This tape is ideal for textile projects, bindings, seam reinforcing, and bag handles, among others.

How do I make my happy birthday fabric bunting pretty?

The best thing about bunting is the limitless customization. You can make these reusable decorations however you want.

Add pretty fabrics and laces to the triangles. This will offer them a delicate appearance. You can also add tassels and pom poms, which are always fun, sparkly, and pretty for kids.

Final Thoughts

These DIY buntings are among the best ways to show your appreciation and love for the special people in your life. However, you don’t have to remain limited to just birthday buntings. The same techniques can be used to make buntings for baby showers, graduations, and gender reveal celebrations, among many other occasions.

The best part about happy birthday fabric buntings is that there’s no one specific way to make these buntings. Everyone has their own unique, personalized way to create these perfect decorations. There’s no right or wrong method to follow here. Let your creativity take over, have fun, and turn these party decorations into a birthday tradition for your family!

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