How to Wash a Silk Dress and Other Home Remedies

Silk is a pretty delicate material and surely you can’t simply throw your silk dress in the washing machine.

Visiting the dry cleaners every time your silk dress needs a wash gets pretty inconvenient. Not to forget, it’s not a cheap affair. What if we told you that you can wash your silk dresses right at home?

Continue reading our guide on how to wash a silk dress to learn more about this process.

How to Wash a Silk Dress

pink silk dress

Step 1: Separate your silk laundry

Make it a point to never wash your silk clothing items with regular laundry. That’s especially true when you’re washing your silk dress(es) for the very first time.

Why? Because the color of your silk is going to bleed. So, if you do not wish to paint with your dress, it’d be wise to take out your silk items and wash them separately.

Step 2: Always use cold water

Remember, never use hot water to wash your silk items, be it dresses, handkerchiefs, shawls, or any other type of clothing. The hot water will make the item bleed profusely. That surely will be the end of your silk dress.

That’s why we always suggest using cold water to wash your silk dresses. At the same time, expect some fading after the wash. No matter what type of material you’re washing, there’ll be some type of discoloration post-washing. That’s because dyes do fade after the wash.

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Step 3: Opt for mild detergents

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As we’ve mentioned earlier, silk is a delicate material. You can’t wash your silk dress the same way you wash other clothing items like synthetic fibers or cotton.

The latter set of materials, synthetic fibers or cotton, can withstand the action of harsh laundry detergents. The same can’t be said for silk clothes.

It’s simple: make use of gentle detergents. You can easily find them in your nearby convenience stores.

In case you didn’t know, mild detergents include your regular household fabric softeners and organic detergents. You need to make sure you’re using cold water with these detergents, just as we mentioned earlier.

Step 4: Stain treatment

Stains on a silk dress can be really annoying to get rid of. It’s easy to wash silk dress stains away! Additionally, you won’t need to make a run to your closest mart to get silk-specific stain removers.

All you need is white vinegar, some lukewarm water, and a clean spot to wash your silk dress. A clean sink is the perfect place. You can use lemon juice in case you don’t have white vinegar.

Take 2 tablespoons of white vinegar or lime juice and mix it with 2 cups of lukewarm water to make your homemade silk dress stain remover solution. Gently pour the DIY solution over the stained area. We advise against rubbing the stained area, since doing so can and will destroy the silk fibers.

This method is also ideal for removing perspiration or deodorant stains.

Step 5: Hand wash your silk dress

washing clothes by hand

Sure, you can take the easy way and simply dump your silk dress in the washer. But be ready to get back a shrunken silk dress if you do.

Regarding how to wash silk dress, machine washing is among the methods we don’t recommend. It’s too harsh on the silk fibers and damages the dress.

Instead, we advise you to practice care and hand wash your silk dress in the sink. If you have more than one silk dress, hand wash them all one at a time.

You can make use of Woolite or other ‌mild detergents. In case these aren’t readily available at your home, you can also use Ivory or any other mild shampoo.

Plus, you don’t need to rub the silk dress aggressively to wash it clean. A simple stir in the water solution is enough to wash your silk dress.

Step 6: Drying Your Silk Dress Correctly

Correctly drying your silk items is as vital as washing silk clothing. We advise against using dryers or wringing out your silk dresses to dry them.

Instead, take a white clean towel made of cotton and place the damp silk dress on it. Completely envelope the silk dress with a dry towel and blot gently to get rid of excess water.

Let your silk dress drip dry by drying it over the sink using padded hangers or a drying rack.

Testing for Colorfastness

Now that you know how to wash silk dresses, it’s vital not to forget to test for colorfastness before washing your silk items at home. In short, it’s a precautionary step we recommend you do every time before you take on the arduous task of washing silks.

Contrary to how it sounds, it’s a very simple procedure. You don’t need any special material or agent. All you need is a piece of clean cloth. You just have to get it a little wet with cool water and dab it on your silk dress. You can also make use of Q-tips for this purpose.

Check if the silk dress fabric is bleeding. Refrain from washing your silk dress in case there’s any form of bleeding.

Caring for Your Silk Dress After Washing

These types of textiles are delicate fabrics and require much care. That’s evident from how we mentioned you must practice caution and care while washing as well as drying them. But that’s not all!

Proper storage and maintenance also form vital aspects when it comes to the longevity of your silk dresses & other items.

Storing Your Silk Dress

Silk clothing items aren’t exactly the easiest to store. Their slippery texture makes it hard to hang them on hangers or even fold them away.

That’s why we recommend making use of fuzzy hangers. It’s really a must-have item for those of you who love wearing silk.

These hangers will not let your silk dress slip away. We also suggest using clip hangers and wide bars to store ‌your silk pants.

Removing Wrinkles from Your Silk Dress

Wrinkles on any clothing item are an eyesore. At the same time, removing wrinkles from a silk clothing item can be a tricky process.

We prefer steaming much more than ironing for wrinkle remover. It’s a tad bit more convenient and easier to work around.

But make sure to flip your silk dress inside out and dampen it a little with cold water if ironing is your only choice. Moreover, make sure that it’s on the silk-specific setting, or if there isn’t one, use the lowest setting.


Is it possible to wash my silk dress at home?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to wash your silk dress at home! You can refer to our detailed guide on how to wash a silk dress above to learn all about how this can be done.

Should I hand wash or dry clean my 100% silk dress?

We recommend you hand wash your silk dress. Dry-cleaning silk items will make them shrink and render them unwearable.

You simply need to take your silk dress to the sink, use mild detergent and cold water, and hand wash for five minutes. That’s how to wash a silk dress very easily.

Moreover, if you’re wondering how to remove yellow stains from your clothes, refer to my guide.

Can I iron my 100% silk dress?

Yes, and we suggest practicing caution while ironing your silk dress since it’s a very delicate material.

Make sure you’re using a clean ironing board or any other tidy, stable, and firm surface. Plus, use silk-specific iron settings on your lightly damp silk dress.

You can also leave your damp silk dress outside on a hanger in the sun to dry if you don’t have an iron. Although, we won’t recommend leaving your silks drying in direct sunlight for long hours.

Closing Thoughts

That was all in our guide on how to wash a silk dress. We hope you’ve found it helpful in figuring out how you can go about washing your precious silk dresses or other silk items at home.

As mentioned, make sure to care for your silk garments and stay away from washing machines and harsh detergents. Doing so will help you maintain and increase the longevity of your silk belongings.

Don’t forget to share this guide on how to wash silk dresses with your loved ones, as well. Write to us about your best DIY hacks by leaving your comments.

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