How to remove yellow stains from your clothes

Time and use can have a negative effect on the clothes you use every day. The combination of wear, cleansing products and perfumes can create stains on the fabric.

For example, the mix of the components in deodorants and sweat can create yellow stains, especially on white clothes or other clear colors. Let’s see how to get yellow stains out of white clothes.

There are several ways you can remove these awful white stains from white clothes.

They are super annoying because they make your clothes look like they are dirty, but the truth is, nevermind how much you wash your shirts with regular laundry methods, they won’t go away. How to remove yellow stains from white clothes then? Try these tips:

yellow stains
  • 1- Make a paste with laundry soap and baking soda

    Whichever of the following methods you use, you need them to remain for a few hours.

    One of the ways to ensure the products stay on the fabric is using a piece of laundry soap, wetting it with water to create a soft paste and mixing it with baking soda. Apply it on the yellow stains and leave it overnight.

    The next morning, wash the clothes in the washing machine as usual. You will see the armpits in the shirt are white as new!

  • 2- Remove yellow stains with toothpaste

    With toothpaste, you don’t need to make any special mix. Simply get some of the tube, and spread it on the yellow stains with your fingers.

    Again, leave it overnight, and if you see the paste gets dry quickly, you can spray some water on it to keep it wet. Whitening toothpaste will get you better results!

  • 3- Use an acidic substance

    Again, make a paste with laundry soap and mix it with any mild acidic liquid you have at home. It can be either lemon or white vinegar.

    Do not use any industrial acid, only those that can be eaten, as this will ensure it doesn’t damage the fabric. Again, let it work overnight and wash it regularly the next morning.

There are a few indications you may want to follow to ensure your clothes don’t get damaged in the stain-removal process:

  1. Never use bleach.

    Bleach on its own already creates white stains on clothes when used directly on the fabric, so it won’t only not remove the stains, but also reproduce them.
  2. Localize the application of the methods indicated above.

    All the products recommended are abrasive, although not extremely. They will help remove the yellow stains in some areas, but they may damage the fabric in non-stained areas, especially if you repeat the process several times.

In conclusion, how to get yellow stains out of white shirts and other items? There are a few answers to this question, but they are all simple and only require elements you can surely find at home.