16 Cool & Practical Things to Sew and Sell

Handmade goods are a huge buzz in the market right now. Not only are they easy to buy, but they’re easy to sell as well. That’s why we brought you this list of 16 things to sew and sell.

The demand for organic, authentic handmade products is massive. Everything is online these days, so people can sell and buy products from the comfort of their couches. If you are someone who loves to sew, this is your opportunity and a sign to start earning by applying your talent.

There are many things to sew and sell on the market. Simple and practical things to sew and sell can be a variety of items. From fabric crafts and scrunchies to pillow covers, we’ll list the best below.

Sewing is not complex, but it requires determination. If you love sewing, you can turn a simple fabric into a fantastic adorable item.

Is It Possible to Earn Income by Sewing and Selling?


There are many things to sew and sell which can help you earn income. As mentioned above, the market for handmade goods is huge. So, if you end up sewing great items and products, you’ll earn money without any doubt.

However, it’s vital to sew products that will be profitable to you. There are also certain factors you should consider before you start your sewing business. We’ll tell you about this later.

16 Cool and Practical Things to Sew and Sell (Earn Quick and Easy Money)

fashion designer sewing with sewing machine

If you love sewing, don’t waste any more time. Turn your hobby into something profitable! Here are some cool and easy sewing projects that have a lot of demand in the market right now.

1. Hot Pad

The first craft on our list of things to sew and sell is a kitchen hot pad.

You might have never thought of sewing a kitchen hot pad, but I must inform you that this product is among the hottest on the market. Not only is it easy to make this kitchen item, but it’s very practical and useful.

It’s a project to start your business. You can offer various colors and customizations to attract more clients and customers.

2. Scrunchies

Another trendy item on this list is scrunchies. These lovely accessories are useful items.

They’re easy to make and have great appeal. You’ll not require much effort and time in starting a scrunchy project.

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3. Keychains

If you love fabric crafts, consider sewing fabric keychains.

You can make a wristlet that can also work as a keychain. It’s not only practical but can be crafted with ease. Since it’s pretty easy to make, you can also add tons of customizations.

4. Bibs

sewing bibs

There are many baby bibs already available on the market. But honestly, they’re all generic and boring. If you’re looking for things to sew and sell online, consider baby bibs. You can make baby bibs in various designs, customizations, and feature logos.

5. Pillow Cases

Another fun project that you can start is pillow covers. The best part about this is that you don’t need to invest a lot of time. It’ll take you a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

You’ll be able to attract a lot of customers both offline and online if you offer to create custom designs like adding photos or custom embroideries.

6. Ornaments and Toys

During the holidays, everyone purchases ornaments to decorate their homes. Especially during Christmas, ornaments and décor items are among the most popular crafts. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make fabric ornaments and gain profits.

You can also make small toys. They’re very popular throughout the year, but can especially be relevant during the holidays.

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7. Laptop Covers

Laptop covers are highly practical, and in demand. The best part is that they’re extremely easy to make.

You’ll have to make them in different sizes, as laptops come in a variety of sizes. However, it’s an easy project that you can complete in no time.

8. Wall Hanging

Wall hangings aren’t just made of ceramic or paint.

Quilted wall hangings are also a popular item, and they’re fashionable as well. They’re easy to sew, and the materials used in making them are inexpensive.

You can also make these wall hangings by recycling and reusing old cloth material. Not only will you sell a cool product, but promote sustainability as well.

9. Tote Bags

These accessories are among the easiest things to sew and sell. A tote bag can be found in any ‌household due to its reliability. People use them for shopping and carrying books, water bottles, etc.

Consider getting into a tote bag project to gain maximum profit. Tote bags are not only convenient to use, but they’re fashionable and sustainable.

10. Laundry and Trash Bag

If you’re looking for things to sew and sell to a large audience, you should dive into this project.

Everybody uses laundry and trash bags. They’re way better than using plastic bags, which helps promote renewability. People are bound to support your business with this project.

11. Sleep Mask

sleep mask

Who doesn’t love a soft and cool sleep mask?

Starting a sleep mask project is going to be very fruitful. Consider offering the option for customization if you want to attract more buyers. It’s a great item if you’re looking for profitable things to sew and sell.

12. Pouch

A zipper pouch is a must-have for everyone. Be it a pencil pouch, makeup pouch, or just a normal pouch to keep things, these pouches are in huge demand.

Since pouches require a zipper or a lock, we won’t recommend it for beginners to start these DIY sewing projects. They might require some serious sewing skills.

These fabric pouches are surely going to be a hit, especially among the ladies. You can add the option to make the pouch from certain fabrics like silk and satin. Selling makeup pouches is yet another brilliant idea.

13. Leash for Pets

If you’re a beginner, consider adding this item to your list of things to sew and sell.

Pet leashes are a perfect item to get started with. You can be creative and add funky designs to the leash you’re making. Offering the option to customize can boost your sales.

14. Apron


Kitchen aprons are not as easy to make as sleep masks, but they’re a great option for you if you want to start a profitable business.

A handmade custom apron could be the perfect gift if you do it right. You will attract a lot of clients looking for kitchen accessories.

15. Fabric Baskets

Clients and potential customers love these baskets. Not only are they colorful and adorable, but they’re very useful as well.

Many use these baskets for various purposes such as storage, trash bins, and laundry baskets.

16. Tea Coasters

The final product on our list of great things to sew and sell is a tea coaster.

They’re easy to craft and you can make them with any recycled waste material or fabric. These coasters can be customized to the customer’s preference ‌to maximize profit.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Fabric Business

confused woman have to choose something,concept of options,confusion,decision

1. The Material’s Cost

When you’re starting a business, your goal is to always earn a profit.

Fabrics can be expensive, so consider starting a craft project carefully. Choose things to sew and sell that people are willing to spend money on.

Don’t buy materials that are going to cost more than the final product. Reuse old cloth materials if you can. Many buyers love to shop from sustainable shops.

2. Proper Research is Key

Once you’re done searching for things to sew and sell, you should also research before you start a craft project.

Analyze online shops on Instagram, Etsy, or Pinterest. Look at what the current customers are interested in, and stay in tune with the trend.

Consider all the popular things. Narrow them down by selecting the craft ‌you’re capable of making and gaining profits from.

Don’t start a complex project you’re not confident in. This will result in a loss of resources regarding time, money, and effort.

3. Pricing

Be smart about the pricing. Don’t be too aggressive. Look at your competitors and the market’s prices and price your crafts accordingly.

Keeping the price low can also lead to a problem of selling short. Make sure to be smart while selling your craft online.

Wrapping Up

Sewing is a great skill. Some people have applied it to the max and have been able to reap great profits. If you’ve been thinking of earning money through sewing, you should definitely get on board with it.

We’ve listed the 16 best things to sew and sell which will allow you to earn a profit and attract a lot of customers. The possibilities of sewing a craft are endless. There are many useful things that you can sew.

Use a variety of colors, styles, and designs to make your craft more captivating. We hope that our list is helpful to you and you’ll be able to start a profitable business soon.

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