Choosing the Best Fabric Cutting Machine: Our 6 Fabric Cutter Picks

As they say, a craftsperson is as only as good as their tools. Regardless of whether you’re repairing a vehicle, putting together an exquisite outfit, or building a home, this is true.

Therefore, you want to ensure you have the best equipment to assist you in any ventures you’re involved in.

For those who revel in sewing or embroidery, investing a topnotch fabric cutting machine can make all the difference. The ability to efficiently cut fabrics is a major advantage to any sewing enthusiast.

But, with the wealth of options for fabric cutting machines that have littered the market, finding an ideal product that best suits your needs can be an uphill battle.

Luckily, we’ve done the heavy lifting by reviewing the top 6 fabric cutters that will give you value for your money. Read on!

1. Cricut Maker

It’s been making waves since it penetrated the industry 2017. Just as the name indicates, the Cricut Maker is more than just a fabric cutting machine. It’s a beast on fabrics along with a host of other materials.

And, unlike other counterparts, Cricut Maker has the uncanny ability to virtually cut any fabric without backing courtesy of the new Rotary Blade. It seamlessly glides and rolls in any direction, thus cutting through fabric like butter. With the remarkable 4kg of force thrown into the mix, users are looking at a powerful machine.



Doesn’t need backing to cut through fabric

Easy to use

Only compatible with the Cricut Design Space software

Sharp and accurate Rotary Blade

Powerful and durable

Applies up to 4kgs of force

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2. Sizzix Big Shot

As a crank-operated die cutter that pairs well with a broad range of materials such as thin foils, fabric, and papers, the Sizzix Big Shot is easy and fast to use. Ideal for kids, beginners, and those that lack the luxury of time, this handy device can be used with dies or embossing folders to cut specific shapes and patterns. It’s just a matter of sandwiching your fabric between the die-cut pads then rolling it through the Sizzix Big Shot.



Cuts multiple layers

Highest cutting width is 6 inches

Facilitates swift and easy use

Users are limited to the dies they have available

Compact and portable


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3. Sizzix Big Shot Pro

Just as the name indicates, the Big Shot Pro is a superior counterpart of the Sizzix Big Shot, designed for crafters who want it all. Armed with a powerful roller and built from a durable metal alloy, steel, and Aluminium, this fabric cutting machine guarantees a stronger and smoother feed which enhances accuracy.

With a 33cm opening, this handy device is a beast at cutting materials of up to 12 inches wide to craft bigger and better projects. Rivaling a myriad of digital machines in today’s market, the Sizzix Big Shot Pro does it all. While this device is notably pricier than its predecessor, as with everything else in life, you get what you pay for.



Durable and sturdy construction

Manually operated by a hand crank

Cuts multiple layers

Precise and accurate fabric cutting

A cut size of up to 12 inches

Wide opening

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4. Brother SDX125E

It includes advanced features that crafters will immediately fall in love with, for instance, a 5-inch on-screen editor. Secondly, Blade sensor technology ushers in automatic material thickness detection, thus saving you on time. It also saves you the hassle of making material or blade adjustments manually with every project you undertake.

Thirdly, the Brother SDX125E possesses the uncanny ability to cut up to 3mm thickness, allowing you to work with different materials such as felt and foam.

With the state-of-the-art auto-blade sensor technology, you can make precise cuts in built-in and custom patterns. So, with 682 built-in designs, 9 letter fonts, and 100 quit patters, users are unarguably spoilt for choice.

Furthermore, the built-in scanner allows you to seamlessly convert your scanned images into uniquely cut patterns and designs.


Scanning feature

Thin fabric blade sold separately as an accessory

A wealth of built-in designs

Internet connectivity

On-screen display and editing function


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5. Spellbinders PL-001

While it’s a manual embossing and die-cutting device, the Spellbinders PL-001 provides an impressive level of power. It grants you free rein to cut over 40 different materials that are up to 6 layers thick with a maximum width of 6 inches. From balsa wood and paper to cotton, this fabric cutting machine can handle it all.

Smaller than 6 inches, the Spellbinders PL-001 is ideal for crafting on the move. Moreover, it has fold-up sides coupled with a collapsible handle that facilitate more storage. The device comes with 2 cutting plates, 1 embossing plate, 1 standard platform, and 1 embossing mat.




Cutting plates may wear out fairly soon
Can cut multiple layers concurrently

High cutting level

Can cut several materials

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6. Cricut Explore Air 2

As one of the best-selling and popular Cricut products, Explore Air 2 can seamlessly cut through over 100 materials including poster board, premium vinyl, iron-on, cardstock, and faux leather. The project possibilities are endless! And, it’s a no-brainer that you can also use this handy device to cut the fabrics for your quilts.

The Explore Air 2 comes with a Cricut Fine Point Premium Blade, Black Point Pen, access to Design Space software, 12” X 12” Adhesive Cutting Mat that’s suitable for vinyl projects. This electronic cutting machine also allows you to craft your images from a PC, tablet, or smartphone, thus enhancing convenience.



Mobile compatibility

Rotary blade not included
Upload your images at no cost

Craft from anywhere using the Design Space app

Can cut more than 100 types of materials

Large adhesive mat included


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To Wrap It Up

Finding the ideal fabric cutting machine will help you get the most out of your investment by crafting designs you can showcase. Hopefully, this review has provided you with useful information that will get your creative juices flowing and steer you on the right path to becoming the master craftsperson you’ve always dreamed of.

Which fabric cutting machine is your favorite? Leave a comment below.