Find out how to remove acrylic paint (Best DIY)

Possibly when you make crafts you usually paint them with acrylic paint and usually without realizing it, a little bit of it falls on a garment you are wearing (it happened to me a lot of times!).

That’s why in this new tutorial I will show you the easiest way (and with products from home) with which you can know how to remove acrylic paint.

This type of paint is designed to dissolve in water but if it gets on your clothes it could really stain them and will be difficult to remove.

Fortunately, it is totally cleanable if you act fast (this is the key), it will always be easier to remove the paint even when it is wet than dry but today I will show you how to do it in both cases.

Now let’s see the solution for “how to remove acrylic paint from clothes?”!

how to remove acrylic paint

Find out how to remove acrylic paint (Tutorial)

The characteristic of acrylic paint is that it adheres easily and permanently on fabrics, so a stain of this type is much easier to remove if it is wet (once it is dry the adhesion is enhanced).

If you have not been able to prevent the stain from hardening, try to scrape it off with a knife or spoon before washing the garment. 

Another tip is to use absorbent paper to remove the paint stain, especially if you have just stained it.

Let’s look at the materials you need to know how to remove paint from clothes:

Essential materials:

  • Dish soap (detergent)
  • Toothbrush
  • Bowl of water

Wet or fresh stain:

  • Step#1

    You will put some dish soap on the stain and with a toothbrush, you will rub the stain until it is completely removed(you can wet the brush to scrub on clothes).

    You can repeat this step several times until the stain is gone.

  • Step#2

    Then you can put your clothes in the washing machine and wash them as you always do.

Dry stain :

  • Step#1

    With a dull knife, you will remove the hard paint. Here, be very careful so you don’t ruin the garment.
  • Step#2

    Then put some dish soap on the stain and rub it with a toothbrush until the stain is completely removed.

    This method should be done with patience as it will probably take a little longer due to the dryness of the paint. 

  • Step#3

     In the end, you can also wash it in the washing machine with the process you use every day.

 You can see an excellent step-by-step on “how to remove acrylic paint from clothes” by clicking here.

You already know that when you try to remove acrylic paint, you should not do it with too much force or sharp utensils, as you could break or ruin your garment.

This method (for “how to get acrylic paint out of clothes”) is really effective, easy, and economical and that’s why I recommend it!

I hope you found this tutorial on “how to remove acrylic paint” really helpful.

See you in the next step-by-step!

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Happy crafts!