Getting ink out of carpet (Easy way)

Do you think that Getting ink out of carpet is impossible? I’ll tell you that it’s actually easier and more possible than you think and here I’ll show you!

Surely you have realized that the ink out on the carpet is something more complex than you thought, maybe you have already tried to get it out on other occasions and you couldn’t achieve it.

That’s why today I will tell you the best way to remove your ink stain, especially on a carpet (this is the most difficult case due to its fibers).

Ink stains are usually a lot of work when it comes to removing them since they have the potential to expand, doubling or tripling their original size. 

But don’t despair, here I will show you the best tutorial to avoid this problem!

 Let’s remove ink stains!

Getting ink out of carpet(Easy tutorial)

 Knowing for sure how to remove ink from carpet is a process that requires time and patience but it can be done. 

Keep in mind also that getting stubborn stains like ink stains out of carpet requires you to do it right away because as time goes by you will have a harder time getting it out. 

 Now let’s see what you need to know about how to get ink out of carpet:

Essential materials: 

  • Denatured alcohol
  • An old toothbrush
  • Light colored rags
  • Wet/drug vacuum
  • Step#1

    If the stain is fresh use a light-colored rag to blog up to as much of the stain as possible. 

  • Step#2

    Make sure not to press the fresh stain too deep into the carpet, because it will pronounce the stain(and that will make it bigger!).

  • Step#3

     The dry stain will need to be soaked in alcohol for almost 5 minutes (do not pour too much alcohol on the stain, only use enough alcohol to cover the stain and soak down about half an inch).

  • Step#4

    Once the alcohol is soaked for a minute, take another clean rag and blot the ink from the stain. You can repeat this process a few times.

  • Step#5

    If you see that the alcohol does not reach some fibers, take an old toothbrush and massage the carpet in circles. Then let it rest for 5 minutes and try again until the stain is gone.

    Tip: when you pass the toothbrush try to do it gently and without using force, otherwise you will ruin your carpet.

  • Step#6

    Taking the wet/dry vacuum can make this process much quicker and more efficient. Make sure you don’t have the filter inside your vacuum(filters are dry cleaning).

    Repeat this process as many times as necessary. 

 So now you know how to remove ink from carpet!

You can see the steps you need to follow by clicking here.

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I hope this great tutorial on “Getting ink out of carpet” has really helped you!

Don’t forget to try this technique of removing ink from carpet on an unseen part of the carpet before applying it, so you don’t make any mistakes.

Happy Crafts 

See you in the next tutorial about how to remove acrylic paint.