DIY wire wrapping stones (Easy & fast steps)

Today I will teach you about “wire wrapping stones” so you can make your own stone necklaces in a super easy and inexpensive way.

It is an easy-to-do method, so it can be done by any beginner. Just go ahead and create the necklace you like the most. 

Stones are widely used for jewelry thanks to their qualities and properties, which improve your well-being and health (they have healing powers), that is why nowadays they are very demanded in jewelry in addition to their remarkable beauty.

wire wrapping stones

There are hundreds of semi precious stones and you can use them on different occasions, for example, some are to calm anxiety and you can use them before an exam, and others to be more energetic in your day-to-day. 

You can make necklaces of Amethyst, Jade, Coral, Quartz, and all the stones you like. Also you can combine them and make a fantastic design of different colors, sizes and textures.

So let’s see how to easily make your own crystal necklace holder! 

crystal necklace holder

 DIY wire wrapping stones (6 easy steps)

The good thing about this type of technique for creating stone necklaces is that you won’t need to drill any kind of holes in it to wear it hanging. 

There are several types of wire wrapping but today I will show you the one that I consider the easiest, so you don’t get too complicated if you are now trying to do crafts of this type (or in general). 

My wish is that you really enjoy doing this jewelry-making process, as I consider it something super fun and enjoyable to do. 

Specifically, the snail crimp that we will see today is the best as it will hug your stone and you will not have any difficulty making the clasp, otherwise, the stone can move too much and it will be difficult to work with the wire.

Before we begin here is a list of what we will need to work with:

Materials needed to make your wire wrapping stones:  

  • A stone
  • A roll of wire (AAA quality/ number 24)
  • Leather strip
  • Pliers
  • Metal ring (for jewelry)
wire wrapping a stone

Step by step of “wire wrapped jewelry”(crystal necklace holder)

  • Step#1

    Take the stone you are going to use for your necklace and clean it. This process can be done with water or with a dry cloth( it will depend on the type of stone if you can do it with water). 
  • Step#2

    Now cut approximately 40 cm of wire (it can be less or more, it all depends on the size of your stone), and with the tweezers, you grab the tip and start to twist it inside like a small snail.  
  • Step #3

    Twist and twist it until you get at least 6 or 7 turns and then with the pliers you sink the center a little bit, here you will get the base of your stone’s fastener.  
  • Step #4

    Place the stone inside the snail and start wrapping the remaining wire around it.

    Try to leave space between the wraps so that the stone can be seen (if you wrap the wraps too close together you will cover your stone with the wire). 
  • Step #5

    When you are done wrapping the wire around the stone, make a snail again (as in the base) to close the fastener.
  • Step #6

    Finally, we place the ring inside the wire, finish off what is left over, and pass the leather ribbon through it to have your necklace ready.

If you don’t have a ring to put on it, you can also create one by bending the same wire into a circle.

Always try to finish off and cut off all the excess wire so you don’t hurt yourself later. 

You can also add a little glue at the base and the ring part so your stone is fixed in the fastener.

Now you have your stone necklace holder very easy and very cheap to make.
Besides, it will be beautiful to show off anywhere. 

If the stone is from a special place you will surely also have a nice souvenir with you!

Here you can see a step-by-step of “Wire wrapped jewelry“: 

The wire has many virtues especially the AAA quality, as it is made of copper which is a very malleable noble material ideal for working in this kind of handmade stone jewelry. 

Another advantage is that they have a layer of color (sometimes silver and sometimes gold), which is actually a thermoplastic coating that serves to make the wire last for much longer and also gives it shine and protects it (obviously you have to give it the care that this type of material requires). 

As for the 24 gauge wire thickness, we can say that it is ideal for stone setting since it is an intermediate thickness, this means that it is not so thin as not to resist the weight of a stone nor too thick as to hinder a design on it (as I said above, if we make very close turns or the wire is too thick it could cover our stone and I do not think it is the idea). 

It is also a material that does not rust, does not turn black, and above all the biggest advantage is that it does not give skin allergies. 

 It is for all these qualities that I advise you to work with this wire and surely you will find more utilities to work with it.


I hope this tutorial about ”wire wrapping stones” has helped and encouraged you to create all the jewelry you want!

I really consider it a beautiful way to start crafting and it can be a great idea for economic entrepreneurship.

I invite you to discover a little more about this world of semi-precious stones and their properties because I’m sure you’ll love it and that you will be enthusiastic about doing more and more of this!

See you in the next tutorial about Best DIY jewelry display ideas!”

Happy Crafts! 

You can do it! 😉