Best DIY jewelry display ideas (2023)

Today I will share with you jewelry display ideas, so you can make your own in a super easy and inexpensive way.

I bring you these great ideas for you to put into practice, because surely you love jewelry and you would like to have it organized nicely and creatively, or maybe you have a business and you want to know the best way to show the pieces to your customers.

There are many ways to display jewelry, but today I want to show you 3 great ideas that you can do with the elements of your home and at a very low cost.

Also, keep in mind, if you have a commercial venture, that you must make a super creative and if possible elegant design, so that all your pieces can show off.

Let’s take a look at some homemade jewelry display ideas! 

Jewelry display ideas

Best DIY jewelry display ideas (Easy tutorial)

Here I will show you 3 amazing steps-by-steps to do it yourself!

Option 1: Ring display ideas   

Essential materials:

  • 1 Cardboard or wooden box
  • ½ meter of felt fabric (or velvet)
  • Cotton
  • Stapler
  • Liquid silicone
  • Fabric
  • Step#1

    If you like the way your box looks, you can leave it untouched, but if you want a different color or design, you can line it with liquid silicone with some fabric you like.  
  • Step # 2

    Take the felt and cut it to the size of the base of your box, then take one end and fold it with a measure of 3 fingers (6 cm approximately) and finally cut it.
  • Repeat this process by making several strips of felt.
  • Step#3

    Take the cotton, make cylindrical rolls of the same size as the strips and place them inside, then close it by stapling it with stitches (remember to repeat this process strip by strip).
  • Step #4

    Once you have felt cylinders, place one inside the box horizontally. Try to fill the whole box and make sure they are more or less tight, so you can hook your rings or earrings between the spaces left between one cylinder and the other.

And now you have another wonderful option of “ring display ideas” to display your jewelry. 

ring display ideas

Option 2: Bracelet display ideas

Essential materials: 

  • Cardboard tubes of paper napkins.
  • Cardboard toilet paper tubes 
  • Cardboard
  • A roll of jute yarn (can be wool, velvet, or any fabric you like)
  • Liquid silicone
  • Paper tape
  • Eva rubber (or fabrics)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Step#1

    Take the napkin and toilet paper rolls and make two “T’s” at different levels (here just make them for reference, don’t glue them together yet).

    If you want to adjust the length or width of these, you can cut them with scissors and then glue them back together with liquid silicone.  
  • Step#2

    Then take the cardboard tubes, place them on a cardboard base or plate and make a circumference with a pencil following the end of the tube on the base. When you have them ready, cut them with scissors.

    These cut circles will then serve as caps, which you can glue to the ends of the cardboard tubes.
  • Step #3

    Once you have everything cut, line the cardboard cylinders with the jute thread (or the fabrics you have chosen). To do this, put some silicone on one end and start rolling (you can repeat the process for the whole cylinder).

    Do this with all the cardboard tubes you will need for your “T”.
  • Step#4

    Now line the base of your “T’s, the end caps, and the cardboard base with Eva rubber and liquid silicone.

    To make the base, you must cut a sheet of cardboard the size you want (it can be 20 cm x 10 cm) or reuse a lid from a sneaker box (you can cut off the ends and keep only the base).
  • Step #5

    Before joining the top of your T with the base, try to cut a little semicircle on the end of the base that you are going to join. This will help the two parts assemble better.  

    Then, using a ruler, you will find the exact middle part of the top to glue and then glue it to the base with the silicone.

    Let it dry for a few minutes and that’s how you are ready to place all the bracelets and necklaces you want.

Option 3: earring display ideas

Essential materials:

  • Tanza roll
  • Picture frame
  • Cardboard
  • Liquid silicone
  • Scissors
  • Step#1

    Take your picture frame and remove the back and the glass.

  • Step #2

    Measure the cardboard with the photo or sheet that comes as a reference for your picture frame, and cut it to the same size. Then line the cardboard with the fabric of your choice.

  • Step #3

    With the ruler, make a grid on a white sheet (each square will be 2 cm x2x2 cm), then place the sheet with the help of a brooch on the lined cardboard and with the help of a pin, make a dot on each end of the squares.

  • Step#4

    Remove the sheet and glue the edges of the cardboard inside the picture frame.

  • Step #5

    Place the pairs of rings in each hole of the cardboard and you have a fabulous display in the shape of a picture!

Here you can watch a tutorial about “earring display ideas“:

I hope this tutorial on ” jewelry display ideas” has really helped you and awakened all your creativity.

These ideas are very practical and very economical to make, plus they won’t take you much time to make!

Make as many displays as you want and challenge yourself to come up with great designs!

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