How to make a basketball valentines box (DIY 2023)

If you want to surprise your loved basketball fan, this is the ideal tutorial for you! Today I will show you how to make a basketball valentines box to create the best valentine’s day gift (so special don’t you think?).

As I said, it is a super creative gift and you don’t need too many things. Just don’t forget to put in a lot of love when you do it (and of course, lots of chocolates and candies!).

Now, let’s see how to make this amazing valentines box!

basketball valentines box

how to make a basketball valentines box (Best DIY)

Before we get started, let’s see what we need to make this super cool valentine box:

Essential materials: 

  • 2 orange and 1 blue cardstock (of a similar shade to a basketball).
  • 1 empty milk carton
  • Ruler
  • Black, and white acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • CD
  • Liquid silicone glue.
empty milk carton

Step by step to make a Valentines day box.

  • Step#1

    take a milk carton and cut it with a cutter in half (it can be a ¾ part if you want to make it smaller).

    If you want to be neat, you can help yourself by marking some straight lines with a ruler in the area you are going to cut.

  • Step#2

    Line your cut box with orange cardboard. Here the idea is to make strips of cardboard and glue them with liquid silicone around the box.

    Don’t forget to measure the base of your box, so you can cut some cardboard of the same size and place it inside and outside the box in this area. 

  • Step #3

    Once you have closed your box, take a pencil and draw stripes around it. You can then apply black or white acrylic paint to decorate it even more. 

  • Step #4

    If you have some orange cardboard left over, you can make circles with a compass and cut them out, and then draw lines similar to a basketball.

    When you are done, you will be left with a lot of cardboard balls that you can glue to the edge of the box to give them a creative and thematic design. 


  • Step#5

    Now with the second piece of cardboard and with the help of a CD (you can use the compass again if you prefer)and mark around the outline with a pencil. Then, cut out the remaining circle and draw lines equal to the basketball (try again to highlight the lines with black acrylic paint).

  • Step #6

    Take a straw and paint it black as well. When it is dry, glue it to the back of the basketball disk and then glue the bottom part together with the box.

    And that’s it, your special valentine box is ready!     

You can add all the candies and love letters you want. You can also make as many “valentines day box” as you want (it is an excellent business idea for this special day).

I hope this “valentines box” tutorial has been a great help to surprise your love!

Happy Crafts! 

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You can do it!