Desk cable management ideas (Best DIY)

Surely you have many tangled cables along with your computer and that’s why I want to show you some “desk cable management ideas” so you can manage it better and make it look neater. 

Nowadays we have many more devices connected than before, not only the monitor, keyboard, and mouse but also webcam, microphones, and printers, among many others.

That’s why you are left with a lot of cables and your desktop is quite messy, especially at the bottom, so maybe it also makes it difficult for you to work sometimes. 

That’s why I bring you some very easy and economical solutions for you to have better cable management.  

And now let’s discover some “cable management ideas”!

Let’s get to work!  


Desk cable management ideas

You don’t really need to be a great expert in cables or computers, but the essential thing is to have a plan of how you want them to be organized.

I recommend that, distinguish each cable with a different color of tape or tape and then start connecting them in some power strip.

Another management idea is to clean your desk and then separate cable by cable before hiding them (if you do it with everything messy it will surely take you a lot more time to untangle them). You can also use cable clips that come with a solid, long-lasting adhesive to attach to the wall. They have an acrylic adhesive pad that allows you to peel them off your desk without damage and without leaving any marks or residue. 

These clips are a great option if you want to organize a lot of cables, as the package contains about 9 nets of multipurpose cable clips, so they will be of great help to you.

Another purchase you can make is a “wire management” for cables, which is perfect for removing or adding more cables. The self-closing wire holster makes cable management quick and compact.

Its split design is ideal for organizing, as cables can exit anywhere you want them to. It has an approximate diameter of 12 to 20 mm and a length of 3 meters.

But if you do not want or can not spend, do not worry about this article. I will show you 3 very good and economical options to manage and organize your cables on the desktop.

Now let’s see what we need for these great “desk cable management ideas”!

under desk cable management

Option 1: Under desk cable management

Essential materials:  

  • Floating shelf( can be metal or wood).
  • Power Strip
  • Office hooks
  • Hot liquid silicone
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • Seals
  • Step #1

    You disassemble all the fixtures on your desk and place a floating shelf underneath it. Ideally, it should look like a hidden drawer, where the hole is under the wall. 

    If you need to drill holes and put nails in, try to do it very carefully so you don’t mess up your desktop.
  • Step#2

    On this hidden shelf, you place the power strips you need.
  • Step#3

    If you need to organize more cables, you can glue hot liquid silicone to some office hooks under the desktop. 

    You can also make a distinction between each cable, placing a different colored seal on each one (this will make it easier to organize them).

And now you have the first desktop management option!

box cable management

Option 2: Cable management with a box

Essential materials: 

  • Shoebox with lid
  • Power Strip
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Pen
  • Step#1

    Take a box and with a pencil draw a rectangle with a circle as a base on one of the small sides. Then on the larger side, you make 3 or 4 circles separated by the same distance, that is to say, that they are symmetrical (you can help yourself with a soda cap or a coin to make them).
  • Step#2

    With a cutter or scissors you cut the circles and the small rectangle with a circle.

    If the edges are a little rough, you can outline them with a colored pen or paint of your choice.
  • Step #3

    Place a power strip inside and you are ready to attach the wires. Keep in mind that the power strip cable would come out through the side rectangle and the other plugs and cables through the circles on the longer side.

Now you have another great idea for you!

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Option 3: Cable management ideas with office hooks 

Essential materials:

  • Office hooks
  • Adhesive tape for cables (different colors)
  • Cable ties
  • Hot liquid silicone
  • Step#1

    Place 3 or 4 office hooks on the back of your desktop (you can use as many as you want). Then you take the wires and run them one by one through each hook.
  • Step#2

    Once you have the wires separated by the hooks, you join them together and attach a tape (which works like wire management). You can reinforce this by leaving a gap and attaching another tape.

    What you will get is a single cord organizer instead of several messy ones and it will be much easier to hide it behind the desk.

Here is a tutorial for you to watch some desk cable management ideas that you will love to do!:

Try all these options and you will see how happy you will be when you have your entire desk clear and without any trace of cables.

Having a clean and tidy work environment is always essential, especially if you work in a home office. Always try to set up your electronic devices according to your space and mobility needs.

Take advantage of all these “desk cable management ideas” in this tutorial! It won’t cost you much to do it and you can have the materials you need at home or get them at an affordable price.

I hope you really found it super useful and that it leaves your desk in perfect condition as you always wanted it to be!

See you in the next step-by-step of “under desk cable management”!    

Happy crafting!

 You can do it!