Crochet Supplies

What do you need to crochet? What are the most important crochet supplies to have on hand?

Alright, so you saw a bunch of cute crocheted headbands and scarves, and now you want to learn to crochet! I’m with ya! I decided I wanted to try and make something myself instead of paying for the finished product. I wasn’t really sure where to start…

..Enter crochet kits for beginners

crochet supplies

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You need yarn; it is a must-have in your crochet starter kit. I give you permission to go to your nearest craft store and pick out a few skeins (rolls) of beautiful yarn. Yep, you get to go shopping!  Check the texture and also size.

You will see an icon of a little skein of yarn with a specific number inside of it. The higher the number, the thicker the yarn. As far as texture goes, it depends on what you are making.  If you are making a baby blanket, then find a super soft yarn.

If you are making a table place-mat, then you might want something a little tougher and harder. Thankfully, you are able to feel most yarn before you buy it because it isn’t in a bag, it just has a paper band around the skein for the label. 

You should also check the type of yarn it is.  If it is 100% acrylic, it will not work for a pot holder.  If it is 100% cotton, you may want to factor in shrinking when washing.  Have a plan for what type of yarn you are going to buy based off of what you are making.

8624862 / Pixabay

8624862 / Pixabay

Crochet hooks

Hooks are my most favorite of all crochet accessories. There are so many to choose from. They can be as tiny as a needle or as big as a baseball bat. The smaller hooks are used for more fine and detailed projects like doilies. The large hooks are for thicker yarn to make chunky blankets or scarves.

They are measured in millimeters or, here in the US, by a letter then number.  When you are searching for a pattern, you might see that it mentions a mm for the hook size; if you make sure you get that hook size and the size yarn recommended, your project will be accurate to the pattern.

I have noticed a recommended hook size on actual yarn packaging as well. There are ergonomic hooks to help with hand cramps. Believe me, you WILL get some hand cramps, so use proper hand posture and comfy hooks.

Instructional videos

To learn how to start, you might want to watch a quick instructional video to follow along with. I suggest ones that have an aerial view of the project. That way you can see it from your own point of view and follow along. I always end up pausing the video to make sure I am caught up and that I understand what I am doing.

Try to watch a basic video on how to start your project.  Most projects have the same beginning pattern, so once you learn that, things will be a little easier. Then there are a few stitches to learn, and after that, you are good to go!

Below are some good videos to get you started:

There you have it! Crochet supplies for beginners

Once you have all of your supplies together, sit down in a comfortable spot with great lighting. Pull some of your yarn from the skein so you don’t have to keep yanking on it while you are trying to work your project. Now, you can begin your very first crochet project. 

You will want to hold the crochet hook correctly and also make sure your opposite hand is holding the working yarn (yarn that is coming from the skein)  the right way.

You wrap the working yarn around your pinky and then open and close your pinky to release the working yarn while keeping it taut.

Don’t worry, you will figure out how you want to grip everything and it will eventually feel natural.  Try to develop correct habits by watching a few instructional videos on how to grip the crochet hook. 

You wouldn’t want to learn and practice one way, only to find out it is the wrong way.  Your movements will be slow at first; you’re just learning how to make the stitches.

Your project will move along a lot faster once you get some practice.  Pretty soon, you will be making hats for your friends! Good luck and happy stitching!