What is the Average Size of a Baby Blanket?

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The average size of baby blankets is 36×36 inches. Keep in mind
that babies vary in size, and so should their blankets…don’t you think?

I really like the square baby blankets because they fit so perfectly on a baby or on the floor for the baby to play on.
You can also have different sizes depending on what you are using the blanket for. If you plan to just have it for the car seat, then you can make it about 20×20 inches.

I wasn’t a big nursery decorator, but if you want the baby blanket to look chic and stylist in the crib, then I would go
with a rectangular blanket around 36×54 inches.

The average is just that, an average, but you can make your baby blanket exactly how you want to make it. That is what I love about doing
things yourself, you can customize your projects to your specific needs.

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