What is an Afghan Blanket?

Afghan originates from the word Afghanistan.  The country is known for it’s colorful carpets, and beautiful wool, so “afghan” was what people called knitted or crocheted blankets. Afghan is tossed around with the words “throw” and “blanket” a lot.  They mean pretty much the same thing. For me, an afghan is something that is more[Read more]

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Knitting vs Crochet

Have you seen those cute infinity scarves?  They are sooo cute!  I also love those super chunky knit blankets.  They look cozy!  Can you tell which blankets are crocheted and which ones are knitted? Let’s have a chat about the difference between knitting and crocheting. smittenkittenoriginal / flickr Crochet Basics and Introduction To crochet is[Read more]