Smallest Crochet Hook

smallest crochet hook

There are so many different sizes of crochet hooks.  They range from 2mm (.78 inches) to 35mm (1.37 inches).  They have huge ones for crocheting that super chunky yarn. What is the Smallest Crochet Hook? I have used one of the smallest crochet hooks before.  It almost feels like you are holding a long needle […]

10 Best Crochet Blogs

Hello Everyone. Sorry it has been such a busy past little bit I haven’t been able to write anything. I decided to put together this list of some of my favorite crochet blogs. I hope you enjoy: Crochet is an exciting and productive craft. With yarn and a needle, you can create anything you want. […]

What is Frogging in Crochet?

This just makes me giggle. Let’s say you are crocheting along, just doing what you do, and you find a mistake 2 rows back. What do we do? We rip-it, rip-it, rip-it. It kind of sounds like a frog, saying ribbit, right? We have to rip out all of our stitches until we get the […]

What is an Afghan Blanket?

Afghan originates from the word Afghanistan.  The country is known for it’s colorful carpets, and beautiful wool, so “afghan” was what people called knitted or crocheted blankets. Afghan is tossed around with the words “throw” and “blanket” a lot.  They mean pretty much the same thing. For me, an afghan is something that is more […]

What is the Average Size of a Baby Blanket?

The average size of baby blankets is 36×36 inches. Keep in mindthat babies vary in size, and so should their blankets…don’t you think? I really like the square baby blankets because they fit so perfectly on a baby or on the floor for the baby to play on.You can also have different sizes depending on […]

Crochet Supplies

What do you need to crochet? What are the most important crochet supplies to have on hand? Alright, so you saw a bunch of cute crocheted headbands and scarves, and now you want to learn to crochet! I’m with ya! I decided I wanted to try and make something myself instead of paying for the […]

Knitting vs Crochet

Have you seen those cute infinity scarves?  They are sooo cute!  I also love those super chunky knit blankets.  They look cozy!  Can you tell which blankets are crocheted and which ones are knitted? Let’s have a chat about the difference between knitting and crocheting. smittenkittenoriginal / flickr Crochet Basics and Introduction To crochet is […]

What is a serger?

A serger is a sewing machine used for overcasting to prevent material from fraying at the edge. Okay, that’s the definition, but if you are new to sewing then that probably doesn’t make any sense to you at all. Let’s back up and start with the basics.  When you are sewing, you are just joining […]

Top 3 Ergonomic Crochet Hooks that will keep your hand from cramping!

best crochet hooks

Do you ever get that weird cramp in your hand when you are crocheting?  I have! I started looking for different types of crochet hooks that would help with my hand posture.  I figured if they make ergonomic coffee cups, then they probably make ergonomic crochet hooks. There are two different types of crochet hooks: […]