Smallest Crochet Hook

There are so many different sizes of crochet hooks.  They range from 2mm (.78 inches) to 35mm (1.37 inches).  They have huge ones for crocheting that super chunky yarn.

What is the Smallest Crochet Hook?

I have used one of the smallest crochet hooks before.  It almost feels like you are holding a long needle with a hook on the end.  It works great to make those adorable doilies.  I did notice that it put a dent in my fingers where I was holding it because it was so small.  I guess that is with everything though; artists get a dent from their pen or paint brush.

I really like the detail work that comes from using the smallest crochet hook.  It’s very intricate and complex.  The patterns for crocheting doilies and other small crochet projects are really entertaining to follow.  They don’t get boring like some blanket patterns, where the rows are just duplicated.  You get to make all different kinds of stitches and it makes it really fun to create your piece.

When you are ready to purchase a tiny crochet hook, try to get an aluminum one.  If you get a bamboo one or a plastic one, chances are, it could break right at the hook part.  The aluminum ones will be able to withstand the pressures of those tiny stitches you create while using it.

smallest crochet hook

Small String for a Small Hook

You will also want to get strong string for your project.  You wouldn’t want your string to break in the middle of a super detailed project; that would be devastating!  If you are making a blanket, you could easily join the pieces back together, but for a doily or something more intricate, you would have to tie them in a knot and then try to somehow hide the tails.

I would say that the smallest crochet hook would be best for someone who has been crocheting for a while.  The patterns are a little more difficult and you will need to be able to follow along closely.  I’m not saying a beginner couldn’t do it, I am just saying you should familiarize yourself with all of the types of stitches before you begin so that you can better complete your project.

Go get yourself a super small crochet hook and try one of the patterns out!  You can do it!

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