Making Cards with Cricut Joy


Creative Card Ideas with Cricut Joy

Many people love to make greeting cards, but it can be hard to come up with new and creative ideas. Making a card is an important task for many occasions(including birthday cards), so we want to do something special when we give one. Not only is it fun, is a great way to add your own creativity and personality to what you’re giving! 

In this blog post, we will show you how to use the Cricut® Joy™ machine in order to create beautiful cards that are sure to impress anyone receiving them.

Before getting started you will need a good card idea.

How to start Making Cards with Cricut Joy

With a few packs of Cricut insert cards, the Cricut Joy Card Mat, and a Cricut Joy machine, you can not only create a whole slew of cards in just an hour or so, but you can also make one before going to a party. How great is that? 

You know what’s even greater? 

You. Can. Do. It!

Just follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to making cards that “Wow!”

So, how hard is it making cards with Cricut Joy? It’s easy peasy!

To get started, you’ll need these supplies:

Step #1 – I personally feel that the best to start is by making one of the “Ready to Cut” projects on your Cricut Joy before learning how to make cards. There are tons of free projects available for you to use with your Cricut Joy machine. 

In the left panel, click on “projects” to see all the projects. At the top of the page, click on the drop-down menu and select “Free for Cricut Joy.” When you do this, you won’t be able to modify your design, but that’s ok for your first try. You can do all the customizing you want after learning to make cards with your Cricut.

Step #2 – After you choose a “Ready to Cut” project, click “Make It.” Always remember to make sure your Joy is on and connected to your computer.

Step #3 – Select the materials you’ll be using and check what tools you’ll need.

Step #4 – Slide your card into the CardMad following the guidelines on the mat. Insert it into the Cricut Joy. Click “Go.”

Step #5 – After the Cricut finishes the writing portion of the card, you’ll need to install the Fine Point Blade.

Step #6 – You’re finished! Remove your super-cute card.


Get Creative by Mixing & Matching

By using the perfectly matched outer cards and inserts, your whole card project is practically foolproof and is guaranteed to look great as is. But, why not add in a little creativity? You can mix and match different packs of cards and inserts.

Cricut has designed so many beautiful inserts including, foil, glitter, acetate, and more that you can’t go wrong with what they’ve designed. But why not combine the favorite colors of the card receiver or your child’s colors from their favorite action figure or afternoon show. Go ahead and buy a few. Play around with them and put your own spin on the project.

Add Extra Details

Here’s where you can really show your creativity or make the card extra-special for the person receiving it.

Keep the Scraps

card with message

Use Cricut Joy to Customize the Envelopes

You’ve just created a great card. Why put it in a boring envelope? Using your Cricut Joy Card Mat, place the envelope on it as you did the card. You can feed it into the machine and have Joy write on it like a card!

Show Us Your Cricut Joy Cards!

Making cards is a great way to be creative and show your appreciation for someone. Making them with Cricut Joy can be just as much fun! Let us know how it goes by including #cricutjoycards when sharing photos of your work online. We love seeing what people create with their machines!

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