If you are toying with the idea of purchasing a Cricut Maker Bundle, you will likely find yourself asking several questions. After all, it is not an insignificant purchase, and you may be on the fence about whether or not you will use the Cricut Maker enough to justify its cost. (Spoiler alert: you will! I promise).

So, when you look at the different machines, you may find yourself overwhelmed to learn that it is not just the machine you are deciding on; it is the “bundle” as well.

What Do You Mean By “Bundle?”

Well, consider it a bundle of JOY for crafters! A Cricut Maker Bundle will include not only the magical cutting machine but also the materials you need to create accessories, art, décor, and other craft projects using your machine. But before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s back up and just do a little crash course for all of you Cricut beginners out there.

What is a Cricut Maker?

A Cricut maker is a crafter’s best friend and a machine that can cut anything. Well, almost anything. I wouldn’t suggest you start slicing fruit with it!

Using software that instructs the machine, the Cricut can take your designs and cut them with absolute precision through materials ranging from cardstock to faux leather. These craft machines are wildly popular for a reason: Cricut Makers enable you to craft almost anything you can possibly dream up at home.

Whether you want to make your own custom tees for a family reunion or create the on-trend “feather” earrings for a fraction of the retail store price, the Cricut Maker has you covered. Projects for your own home décor, gifts for friends and family, and organizational tools are all aided by the Cricut Maker. I am sure you are convinced now, so let’s move right along to the best Cricut Maker bundles!

art kit

Best Options for Cricut Maker Bundles

The machine itself comes with a number of great features and accessories, including a USB cable and power adaptor, access to Design Space software, blades, grip mats, pens, and materials to get you started. But the bundles take it to the next level, and here are the best ones.

Explore Air2 Essentials Bundle

The Essentials Bundle is the best way to get all the basics you need without breaking the bank. In addition to the machine and standard items, you will also receive

explore air2 essentials bundle

Explore Air 2 Everything Bundle

For those who want “everything,” there’s a bundle for that! More experienced crafters who have already used a Cricut Maker machine, or even beginners who aren’t limited by budgetary constraints, will be thrilled with the Everything Cricut Bundle that includes:

explore air 2 everything bundle

Cricut Maker Everything Materials Bundle

The Maker is the most versatile of the Cricut machines, and this bundle is for risk-takers who want to try absolutely EVERYTHING. It’s geared toward crafters who like to think outside the box, and it comes with every material you can imagine to decorate that box, too.

In this bundle, you will receive the machine PLUS:

maker everything materials bundle

women reading book

Maker Essentials Bundle

When you think of traditional crafters, people who sew and work with fabric probably springs to mind. And that’s the target audience for this bundle. The Maker Essentials Bundle is less for those into vinyl decals and more for those who want to stick with fabric-based projects.

The good news is you are not boxed into one space forever; if your crafting needs change, you can always purchase other items later, but for fabric-based projects, the Maker Essentials Bundle will get you off to a great start with:

women in red dress cutting white cloth

champagne maker essentials bundle

NEW Joy Bundles

If label-making is your love language, then the newest Cricut machine is definitely designed with you in mind. This compact Cricut Maker will help you label and organize and personalize everything you can imagine, and it comes in an incredibly compact package.

The machine itself comes with the standard array of Cricut features and accessories (grip mat, power adaptor, blade, pen, and starter materials). If you go for the JOY Cricut maker bundle deal, you will also receive:

new joy bundles