All You Need to Know about Making Cards with Cricut Maker

Making cards with the Cricut Maker is easily addicting. The process is so easy and there are a million different card projects out there. It’s also a Cricut project that is great for beginners and more advanced crafters. PLUS, cards are always a popular item to sell, especially when they are hand-made and unique!

There are so many different types of cards you can make with the circuit, and in this blog we are going to go over a few popular ones…

Fun Fold Card with Cricut Maker

Super fun to fold and create, the Fun Fold Card typically has 3 folds with different heights to create a scene. It could mimic a garden, beach, or any theme you want to come up with! This Easter themed card was made by Ink It Up with Jessica.

Cascading Card

Typically this type of card is all decorations with not a lot of room to write. It cascades down from tall to low and is able to stand on its own. There are very intricate cuts and patterns which make it a great Cricut Maker project.

Waterfall Card

This is a multi dimensional card with embelishments that overlap each other, typically on the front of the card, to mimic the design of a waterfall. You can use different shapes like hearts or squares. Typically there are 4 shapes with a tab to pull at the end which then flips up the next image. Sometimes people write messages on each layer. It’s a cute a trending card idea.

Box Cards

Just like the name, this is a card shaped like a box. When you open up the box, different elements fold out. Very cute as a gift and card in one. This card above was made by Hallmark. 

Pop-up Cards

This is a fairly straight forward card design and great for beginners. Usually a saying like “Happy Birthday” Will pop up as you open the card. But you can also get fancy with flower blooming pop-up cards or more intricate designs such as the night sky.

Paper Lace Cards

This is essentially when one layer of cardstock is cut into a very intricate pattern and then placed over a second solid portion of the card. This is a wonderful Cricut Maker card project.

Vinyl Gilded Cards

Instead of using the cutting feature, you can make cards using vinyl as a motif or saying on the front of a card. This is great for simple stationary sets that you can sell. The card here is an example from Not On the High Street.

Needless to say the options are endless and a perfect craft for a rainy day. For even more ideas on items you can make and sell, check out this blog post. Happy crafting!

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