20 Easy Things to Make and Sell Online For Extra Cash

Let’s talk about making money right from the comfort of your home. We all could use a few extra bucks, right? Well, if you’re the proud owner of a Cricut machine, you know that it’s incredible and worth its weight in gold. And, this device, in all its glory, can work for you instead of just sitting on a desk and occupying space.

So, if you’ve thought about making extra cash from your DIY crafts, we’ve rounded up 20 easy ideas that will set you apart from the pack.

1. Lacing Cards

Packed with holes, kids can use a plastic needle to sew yarn through lacing cards. The Print & Cut feature on your Cricut machine is a lifesaver for creating these cards from a poster board then layering it to craft beautiful designs that kids can color.

Furthermore, you can make the cards out of felt for a different outlook for this easy DIY craft. Infusing a personal touch makes them stand out from those that you can purchase in big box stores.

2. Gift Tags

Using the drawing feature on your Cricut machine, these are perfect for year-round business. You can craft them for countless events ranging from showers, anniversaries, and birthdays to weddings. With an array of amazing templates to use in Design Space, the world is your oyster!

3. Sewing Kit

You can use a Cricut Maker to cut fabric pieces to put together a kit for anyone to craft a DIY project, for instance, Christmas stockings. So, you’ll cut all the fabric pieces on your machine and neatly tuck them in a small box along with embellishments, thread, step-by-step instructions, and needles. Furthermore, you can include a personalized name cut from heat transfer vinyl for the user to attach or a hanging leather tag for these easy crafts.

4. Leather or Wood Jewelry

Are you aware that you can use a Cricut Maker to slice leather or wood into thin pieces? This ushers in the opportunity to craft unique jewelry and other wood crafts that will turn heads and have your family and friends will be green with envy!

5. Gift Bags

Cricut Design Space has a multitude of gift bag designs that serve as a great starting point. But, ensure you add a personal touch to avoid selling the same products as your competitors. Furthermore, gift bags are a great year-round idea to sell with minor lulls.

6. Leather, Fabric, or Paper Flower Bouquets

A myriad of people is using alternative options to real flowers for their special events. So, Design Space has an abundance of flower designs that you can use to craft unique and eye-catching leather, felt, paper, or fabric bouquets. You can have a flower arrangement displayed in a much more creative way.

7. Customized Umbrellas

You can add a personal touch to fabric and clear umbrellas with heat transfer and adhesive vinyl, respectively. These are ideal for gift-giving, school kids, and wedding party photo-shoots.

8. Nameplates

You can craft customized desk nameplates for business people, kids, and teachers using Cricut machines.

9. Favor Boxes

These are perfect for year-round events such as showers and weddings. You can use the barrage of images in Cricut Design Space to craft different types of boxes such as proposals, cupcakes, and popcorn.

10. Customized Clipboards

Use adhesive vinyl or clear acrylic clipboards to craft amazing personalized gifts. You can embellish them with ribbons or flowers. These are perfect teacher gifts to create with your Cricut machine, sell and earn a few extra bucks.

11. Lanterns

If woodworking is right up your alley, you can craft customized lanterns. Alternatively, you can purchase them in bulk and infuse adhesive vinyl to personalize the glass for special events such as birthdays and weddings.

12. Flip Flops

These are easy to make and unbelievably cute. Simply purchase the flip flops and incorporate heat transfer vinyl for a personal touch. They’re perfect for bridal parties, bachelorettes, or birthday gifts.

13. Cake Toppers

Using a Cricut Maker, you can cut and design cake toppers to sell online and supplement your income. For an elegant touch, you can incorporate decorative pieces or use edible material such as wafer paper.

14. Doormats

As an option that’s soaring in popularity, personalized doormats are an incredible Cricut project to craft and sell. Based on the type of doormat used, you can make a stencil with your machine and paint the design on or infuse heat transfer vinyl.

15. Drink Coasters

Ideal for gifting, you can make drink coasters out of various materials ranging from tiles, acrylic, faux leather, glass tiles, and other materials that are resistant to stains. Simply craft a stencil with your Cricut machine and paint them or add a decorative flair using adhesive vinyl.

16. Stencils

Upon purchasing stencils at your local store, you’ll immediately notice that the fonts are blocky and unsightly. So, offering customized stencils is a surefire way of using your Cricut Maker to generate an income. You have free rein to craft words, wall art, and designs for nearly anything. Doing so ensures your customers can create unique projects that will spark a smile.

17. Shadow Boxes

Once you purchase these, you can use adhesive vinyl to add a decorative flair to the glass part. Adding a personalized backdrop to the shadow box’s interior, then making flowers and putting them inside makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Furthermore, there’s an insert for the top, which allows you to make it a bank. Shadow boxes come in handy as wedding honeymoon funds, keepsake coxes for special occasions, or as a piece of decoration for sprucing up a place.

18. Coupon Books

As one of the easy things to make and sell using a Cricut Maker, coupon books are perfect for weddings, holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays. Users can craft love and chore coupons to add a layer of diversity and bind them together like a notebook, using adhesive.

19. Aprons

If sewing tickles your fancy, you could craft aprons. Alternatively, simply purchase them in bulk. Heat transfer vinyl is the go-to for personalizing aprons for bridal parties, grilling dads, and anyone else who enjoys channeling their inner Martha Stewart.

20. Personalized Tools

Finding amazing gifts for men can be an uphill battle. So, design heartfelt, personalized sayings on tools, as a fun Father’s Day or birthday gift via adhesive vinyl or a stencil with your Cricut machine.

Closing Remarks

These are just a fraction of the easy things to make and sell with your Cricut machine. So, it’s time to put imagination to work and convert your creative crafts for a Cricut business because that’s what being a successful handmade seller entails.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Simply take an idea and bring to fruition in the best possible to ensure it’s a must-have for the right audience.

Any other money-making ideas you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.