Craft Stenciling – Different Types and Different Projects

There are thousands and thousands of stencil designs at your disposal on the internet. Craft stenciling is an art that many want to try, but only a few are skilled in. It is important to have the right knowledge about craft stenciling. The right knowledge allows you to venture into different stenciling types and projects. You can enjoy doing more crafts and widen your creativeness when it comes to doing patterns and thinking of ideas.

The different types of craft stenciling are geared towards specific art areas. You can explore one area to the next without getting bored! To get to know the different types and different craft projects you can do with a stencil, read on our comprehensive guide.

What is Craft Stenciling?

Stencils are cut-outs of patterns that you can use to decorate walls and other surfaces. Stencils give more life and a unique outlook on your artwork. You can even substitute stencil art instead of wallpaper and regular paintings.

Plastic or brass can also make stencils. The brass stencil, however, can be used as a stencil as well as an embossing plate. It is very versatile to have. Stencils also come in the form of paper or cardstock. Some use vinyl or polystyrene to make stencils. Choose the stencil you want to use carefully since all forms have various pros and cons, depending on the project you will do.

What are the Different Types of Craft Stenciling?

Do you know the specific type of stenciling that you are doing? Perhaps not. Some people even do stencils without knowing that there are several types to it. For some, stencils are just merely creating cut out patterns. This guide will give you a brief description of the different types of craft stenciling.

1. Craft/Hobby Stencils

If you are painting and decorating, then the type of stencil you use falls under craft/hobby stencils. It is usually a flexible plastic material that is larger compared to other stencil types. Papers, metals, and adhesive backing can also be used for this type of stencil. True to its name, this stencil is meant to decorate walls, furniture, and other products you want to embellish.

2. Quilting Stencils

Exquisite quilts most often make use of stencil designs. Quilting stencils make your quilts funkier and more unique compared to other quilting styles, such as the regular patchwork quilt. You can purchase different quilting stencil designs from florals to geometric patterns. You can even get teddy bear quilting stencils if you want to make quilts for little kids.

3. Scrapbooking and Paper Crafts Stencils

What makes scrapbooks appealing, other than the memories it holds, are the exceptional stencil designs that come with it. To make your scrapbook and other paper crafts more interesting and attractive, apply stencil art. You can create beautiful patterns on stencils and cut the paper along those patterns.

Stencils put together better papercrafts from scrapbooks to personalized letters, envelopes, and banners.

Now that you know the various types of craft stencils, which one are you into? Are you brave enough to try the other types?

What Are the Different Projects You Can Do with Craft Stenciling?

There are many designs and patterns that you can create with craft stenciling. But if you are too busy to make the pattern yourself, you can always go for store-bought stencils. These store-bought stencils are pre-cut to different designs. All you have to do is purchase them and VIOLA! You can start with different projects that you want to do.

Once you have your stencil pattern, there are many ways to use it. Some craft projects we will recommend for you to unleash your inner artist are the following:

Stencil on Walls

Why risk painting your walls with words that can be misaligned if not done correctly? With the help of stencils, you can create the perfect slogan with proper spacing and a perfect design.

Stencil on a Canvas

Do you want to personalize a canvas bag? Or perhaps stencil on a painting canvas for wall decoration? Regardless of the project you have in mind, you can use a stencil on canvas. All you have to do is remove dust from the canvas with a damp cloth. Then, attach the stencil to the canvas using a spray adhesive or painter’s tape. Use a stencil brush to apply the paint. You’ll finish your work of art in no time at all.

Stencil on Glass

To personalize glass products like wine glasses or water goblets, you can make use of stencils. As a matter of fact, doing stencils is one of the easiest ways to customize these wonderful gift items. To etch on glass, make your stencil cut or pattern on vinyl. Permanent or outdoor vinyl is usually a good choice for this project because they have stronger adhesives.


Monograms create a different vibe. Stencils are best to use when it comes to monogramming things. You can create your personal monogram once on sturdy material. Then, use the stencil several times whenever you want to monogram something you own.

Stencil on Wood

Wood items never go out of season. Whether it’s a large furniture item like a table or something smaller like a beer coaster, you can use craft stenciling to decorate it. Stenciling on wood generates a one-of-a-kind appeal that adds more to style and personality to the item.

Stencil on Fabric

Have you ever wondered how those customized slogan shirts are made? Some of them are done through stenciling. You can simply cut the letters and words onto a stencil sheet, and then transfer it onto the shirt. Having a reusable stencil for a t-shirt project is beneficial since you can use it infinitely.

When stenciling, make sure that you do not create paint drips or mess the paint. Professionals who are masters at craft stenciling look effortless when they do the work. However, beginners might find it hard at first since there are many things to consider. Nevertheless, you should not give up and always try to challenge yourself to create more stencil projects.