Cricut Coffee Mug Press Makes Custom Mugs for Any Occasion

Cricut coffee Mug Press

Cricut Coffee Mug Press

Buying custom mugs for your employees, customers, friends or family can be expensive.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on custom coffee mugs anymore. By using the Cricut® Coffee Mug Press you can make personalized cups at home with just one machine and no additional tools required! With this easy-to-use tool, you can create beautiful customized mugs in just minutes by cutting images with one of the Cricut cutting machines, applying the design, and pressing.

If you think a Cricut Coffee Mug Press might be for you, here are the most common questions to consider before buying.

How Do I Make a Coffee Mug with Cricut?

The steps to making a designer coffee mug with Cricut are really very easy. 

Step 1 – Choose a pre-made design or create a design in Cricut Design Space using Infusible Ink transfer sheets. Here you can find some cool designs for free.

Step 2 – Attach the design to your coffee mug or tumbler blank.

Step 3 – Press your design onto your mug by inserting the mug into the Cricut Mug Press. 

Step 4 – Remove the mug when your mug press gives you the “Ready” signal.


Tips for Great Results with Your Cricut Coffee Press

Do I have to place designs only in certain areas when using the Mug Press?

For best results, don’t put designs on the inside, bottom, or handle of your mugs. Always make sure your design doesn’t extend past the smooth, pressing area of the mug press. If this happens, the design won’t be pressed on the mug properly and the mugs won’t be dishwasher safe.

Can you use the Cricut mug press on other cups?

Yes, you can. You’re not limited to only using Cricut blanks but Cricut does recommend that you look for products that are poly-coated and have a smooth, straight pressing area for your design.

The Cricut Coffee Mug Press has straight sides. If you choose a mug or tumbler that isn’t straight, the design won’t be pressed on properly. Don’t place designs on blanks with bevels, curves, or textures, and be sure the blank can be completely inserted into the press. The bottom of the mug or tumbler must touch the bottom of the base heater.

Of course, Cricut Mugs , are perfect to use in the Cricut mug press, but if you want to choose another mug make sure they meet Cricut standards. Infusible Ink and the Cricut Mug Press should work with generic mugs that indicate “sublimation compatible,” however Cricut does not guarantee results with blank mugs from non-Cricut brands.

Can you use the Cricut mug press on tumblers?

It is possible to create designs for tumblers and many crafters make customized tumblers with monograms and designs. To do this, tumblers must have straight sides where you want the design and only put the design where it touches the mug press. 

Some crafters get creative by inserting the tumbler upside down in the press. Their design is close to the top of the tumbler and the bottom of the tumbler, where there isn’t any design is sticking out of the top of the mug press. If you try this technique, be sure and remove the lid before you start pressing.

Is the Cricut Coffee Mug Press Worth It?

Cricut coffee mug press has been a popular Cricut product. Cricut is known for its Cricut machines and Cricut vinyl, but the Cricut Coffee Mug Press is new and exciting!  What makes it so different? It can be used to make personalized gifts for family, friends, teachers, and coaches. 

If you’ve ever thought about having a craft business, this could be an easy way to start. Set up an Etsy Shop and sell mugs and tumblers for all the holidays, businesses with their company logos, local schools, teacher gifts, and sports teams. The Cricut Mug Press could be your answer for extra income or a full-fledged business.