Infused Ink Cricut Projects

What can you make with infusible ink with a Cricut machine? All kinds of fun projects, that’s what! Just a few projects to consider are t-shirts, coasters, tote bags, banners, and monograms. However, many crafters and Cricut machine owners don’t know what Cricut infused inks are, so let’s start there.

What is Cricut Infusible Ink?

Cricut Infusible Ink is an ink transfer material that lets you create professional-level projects. Because infusible ink is….ink, it soaks into the fiber of your t-shirt, “becoming one” with the fibers. When you use vinyl designs, they are fused to the top of your material and are at risk of peeling, flaking, and cracking. You’ll never have to worry about this with infusible ink.

What Types of Infusible Ink are Available?

There are two types of infusible ink available from Cricut; Transfer Sheets and Infusible Pens & Markers. Transfer sheets come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. With the sheets, you make your design in Cricut Design Space, cut the infusible ink transfer sheet, then apply heat to infuse your design into your t-shirt, tote bag, coaster etc. 

The Infusible Ink Pens and Markers let you design the transfer sheet yourself and then follow the same steps used with the transfer sheets. Unlike regular fabric pens, Cricut pens are heat-activated to prevent fading and bleeding.

What Cricut Machines Work with the Infusible Inks?

Good news! Cricut Infusible Ink works with all Cricut machines including Cricut Joy, all the Cricut Maker, and Cricut Explore models. My apologies if this just messed up your excuse to buy the latest Cricut Maker 3 😉 

Infused Ink Project Ideas for Cricut

Ready to give it a try? Let’s start out small and easy with Cricut Ceramic Coaster blanks and Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets. You’ll be able to find colors and designs that everyone on your gift lists will be happy with. There are tons to choose from.

To make this cool Cricut project, you’ll also need:

DIY coasters with new Cricut Infusible Ink

  1. Lay the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet down on the StandardGrip Mat.
  2. Using the software, choose your design and size it to fit the blank. If you’re using Design Space, make sure to mirror your design. You can read this article: ‘A true beginners guide to cricut design space’
  3. As soon as you select a heat-transfer material in the Cricut Joy app, Mirror will be enabled.
  4. From the list of materials, choose Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet.
  5. Insert mat and blade into the machine and press Go.
  6. Trim away unused areas of the sheet after removing the cut design from the mat.
  7. Gently roll the cut lines to make them more visible. “Cracking” open the cut in this way makes removing excess paper easier.
  8. Simply remove the negative pieces from inside and around your design using your fingers or tweezers, leaving the design on your liner.
  9. Be sure that the liner does not extend beyond the heat plate of the Cricut EasyPress.
  10. Clean the coaster with a lint-free cloth.
  11. Cardstock can be used to protect the Cricut EasyPress Mat from unwanted transfers.
  12. Use Cricut EasyPress 2  or Cricut Heat Press 12″ x 10″ to complete this project. Press at 400°F (205°C) for 240 seconds without adding pressure. You might want to refer to the Cricut Heat Transfer Guide for the original EasyPress settings.
  13. Slowly lift the press when the beep sounds. Take care not to move the stack, including the butcher paper.
  14. Coaster will be very hot. Allow it to cool completely before touching. Pull away the paper and liner one at a time.
  15. Put the design face-down on the coaster, with the clear liner on top. Turn the coaster so that the bottom faces up (the top of the coaster with the attached design rests on the cardstock and mat).

Infusible Ink T-Shirt

t-shirt infused ink

Who can’t use a t-shirt? With Cricut and Design Space, the possibilities are literally endless. 

To make an infusible ink t-shirt you’ll need: 

  1. Select or create your design.You can read this article about how to optimize your picture.
  2. Choose the Infusible Ink Transfer sheet.
  3. Make sure your fine tip blade is in your Cricut
  4. Click on “Make It”
  5. Cut out your design
  6. Weed
  7. Prepare the t-shirt for the transfer by inserting your EasyPress mat inside the shirt. Put a piece of cardstock on top to protect from bleedthrough. Use a lint roller to remove any specks of lint for the design area of the shirt.
  8. Using your EasyPress 2, apply the design to the shirt.
  9. Admire your work!

More Infused Ink Cricut Projects

It’s best when making infused ink projects, to begin with customizable blanks from Cricut. You can branch out and use blanks from other companies as you gain experience, but for your first few projects, stick with Cricut-approved blanks.

Here are some of the blanks available to use:

You can watch this video and learn step by step, How to Use Cricut Infusible Ink :

Take Your Creativity to the Next Level with Infused Ink Cricut Projects

There’s no reason to feel limited or even bored with your Cricut cutting machine. With Cricut Infusible Inks, a whole new area of creativity and projects opens up for you. Learn, practice, experiment, and explore with these infusible ink transfer sheets and pens and begin creating new crafts and Cricut machine projects that last.