What Can a Cricut Maker Do? 49 Things You Can Make with the Cricut Maker

There are no accurate crafts without a Cricut Maker. For all pro craft enthusiasts, having a Cricut Maker is a must-have. With its quick and accurate results, you can be sure that whatever you’re doing will turn out the best. But what can a Cricut Maker do?

Do you think you already know everything about its uses?

If you think that the Cricut machine is only for cutting paper, then think again! There are many things that you can do with a Cricut Maker!

What Can a Cricut Maker Do

What Can a Cricut Maker Do?

Here are the 49 things that you can do using a Cricut Maker:

1. Customized Clothes

Whether for a gift or for you, you can create personalized shirts with patterns, designs, and slogans! Grab your plain shirts and start customizing now!

2. Home Decals

Beautify your home with a Cricut Maker. With these premium vinyl decal sheets, you can create decals to add color and sophistication to your walls.

3. Wall Graphics

Wall graphics for homes, offices, and other places are made easier by using a Cricut Maker machine!

4. Wall Art

Keep up with the style in your home as you design your very own wall art! Surely, you can create magnificent artwork with precise cuts and unique patterns.

5. Quilts

Tired of store-bought quilts? You can create a distinctive quilt with a Cricut Maker.

6. 3D Projects

So what can a Cricut Maker do? We love how it makes 3D projects easy and doable! With various cuts and designs, you can finish a 3D layout in no time!

7. Papercrafts

Precise cutting for papercrafts is hard to do manually. However, with the help of a Cricut Maker, you can cut accurately and finish your papercrafts beautifully.

8. Pillow and Cushion Cases

Did you create your own quilt already? Then, why not make customized pillows and cushion cases that go along with it?

9. Dust Covers for Absolutely Anything

We hate dust! And we want to protect our stuff from them. One of the best things about what a Cricut Maker can do is create a dust cover… for everything!

10. Purses and Clutch Bags

Carry your phones and cards in personalized purses and clutch bags that match your unique and vibrant style.

11. Personalized Gift Tags

Using a Cricut Kraftboard, you can make your own personalized gift tags with an exclusive pattern that you design yourself. It’ll surely make your gift more touching.

12. Jewel Boxes

A handmade jewelry box is worth every diamond and stone. This Cricut Foil Kraftboard for Jewel boxes can be used with the Cricut Maker machine to create your own jewel box.

13. Glassware Decals

Decals look great on glassware too! So, why not decorate your glassware using Cricut Maker stencils?

14. Customized Envelopes

Receiving letters in customized envelopes can be very heart-warming. You can create your own personalized envelopes and use them to send letters to your loved ones.

15. Short-Term Tattoos

Permanent tattoos can be scary for some. It’s a good thing you can create a temporary tattoo using a Cricut Maker and tattoo transfer paper.

16. Boxes

If you need elegant gift boxes, then Cricut Maker can help you design it! Perfect with the holidays fast approaching.

17. Stencils

Make magnificent and precise stencils using the Cricut Maker. No matter how complex your design is, it is doable with a Cricut cutting machine.

18. Scrapbook Designs

Scrapbooks contain our fondest memories. So,  we should make every scrapbook as creative and as original as possible. You can design your own scrapbook with Cricut Maker’s one-of-a-kind ability to produce authentic designs and cuttings.

19. Fridge Magnets

Wouldn’t you love fridge magnets that boast your uncommon yet impressive taste? Assemble your own fridge magnet so that you can tailor it to your preference.

20. Coasters

Drinks need coasters so that they don’t ruin our tables and other surfaces. Preparing coasters requires cork pads, and it’s hard to cut them to your desired shape. However, with the help of a Cricut Maker, you can surely do the job in no time.

21. Cake Toppers

Who doesn’t love a cake with out-of-this-world and funny cake toppers? You can use your cutting machine to create custom cake toppers for everyone in the family and every occasion.

22. Coloring Books

Unleash your inner child by making coloring books either for yourself or to give as gifts to the younger people in your family.

23. Place Tags

Get everyone in their proper places during events by providing classy and elegant place tags.

24. Favor Tags

Express your gratitude with personally-made favor tags. Your guests will remember how great of a host you are.

25. Invitations

With a stylish card and a smart envelope, you can be assured that people will come to your event as you give them your personalized invite. It is easy to make your cards with Cricut joy, you can have results that look profesional.

26. Calligraphy Signs

If you love calligraphy, then you will also love what can a Cricut Maker do with it.

27. Baby Clothes

Do you have a baby on the way? Or perhaps, you’ve already got a new baby in the family. Whatever it may be, making baby clothes for the new angel is a must.

28. Doll Clothes

When your daughter or niece loves dolls, playing dress-up makes them enjoy their playtime more. You can give them amazing and fashionable doll clothes that you make with your Cricut cutting machine.

29. Pet Clothes

Dress your pet to the nines! Store-bought pet clothes can be really boring and super pricey. However, creating your own pet clothes at home is a great way to make them stand out from other pets, while also allowing you to save some money.

30. Jigsaw Puzzles

Kill time by making a personalized jigsaw puzzle and share it with family and friends.

31. Leather Tags

What can a Cricut Maker do with leather? Well, you can create durable leather tags and much more!

32. Label Tags

Don’t lose or confuse your stuff again. With a  cutting machine, you can create customized labels for anything in the home, whether it is to label storage bins or the spices in the kitchen.

33. Apron

With Cricut designer fabric, you can make your own apron or accomplish any other sewing projects. But if you prefer to use your own fabric, you can also do so because the Cricut Maker can cut almost anything!

34. Beer Koozie

Drinking beer with a koozie is important. With your own waterproof neoprene fabric, you can use a Cricut Maker to cut the koozie to your desired shape as well as decorate it on your own.

35. Pop-Up Card

Ordinary cards are lame. So, why not jazz up that lovely letter with some unique and interesting pop-up designs?

36. Christmas Ornaments

Most of us look forward to Christmas. The family can bond over making Christmas ornaments that all family members can enjoy with the help of a Cricut Maker.

37. 3D Bouquets

Fresh flowers are lovely, but they do wilt. 3D bouquets do not! So confess your love and show your appreciation with a more than exceptional 3D bouquet instead.

38. Wood Veneer Earrings

Gold earrings? Diamond earrings? Pearl or Jade? Nah, those are everywhere. Spice up your accessory drawer with one-of-a-kind wood veneer earrings.

39. Party Cups

Plain party cups are just that – plain. But you can liven up the party by purchasing the plain ones and customizing them to your liking.

40. Party Decorations

Decorating at events is one difficult task. But with Cricut Maker, you can make exclusive decorations that fit every event and occasion.

41. Banners

Do you need to welcome or congratulate someone? Then make a banner and make it look good by using a Cricut Maker.

42. Vinyl Projects

What can a Cricut Maker do for vinyl? Thousands of projects! Since a Cricut Maker can cut vinyl, it’ll be easy for you to proceed with whatever vinyl ideas you have in mind.

43. Iron-Ons

Iron-ons can be tricky, but not with a Cricut Maker.

44. Lettering

Printing and manually cutting letters is too time-consuming. That is why having a Cricut Maker for your lettering job is a necessity.

45. Monogrammed Tumbler

A monogrammed tumbler is a perfect gift for everyone. It’s a go-to present fit for any occasion.

46. Laptop Case

When you get a plain laptop case as this Naukay sleeve case, you might want to make it more appealing by customizing your own design.

47. Leather Cuff Bracelet

Regular bracelets are uninteresting. But a leather cuff bracelet made with the help of a Cricut Maker is a fashion add-on that is unique and exemplary.

48. Stencil Rustic Décor

A Cricut Maker is good for stencil cutting too! You can make your very own stencils for more rustic craft projects you want to do.

49. Planner Stickers

Organize your planner and make it even more fun with your own tailor-made stickers! We have an article about the best sticker paper for Cricut.

So, with all of these DIY projects, are you still questioning what a Cricut Maker can do? These are just 49 out of thousands of arts and crafts that you can accomplish with a Cricut Maker. So, get your Cricut Maker now if you still do not own one! And make sure to share your ideas with us!