Finding the Best Sticker Paper for Cricut: What You Need to Know

Sticker papers

Although you can easily make your own stickers with a Cricut machine, there are some things to consider before you get started. The biggest challenge is finding the right sticker paper for the job. If you’re like me, you’ve had problems finding the best sticker paper for Cricut crafts. After many crafts, trying many different types of paper for stickers, and much, much, much trial and error, I’ve learned a few things. Read on to discover what I’ve learned about the best sticker paper for Cricut.

What are the Different Types of Sticker Paper for Cricut?

The world of crafting has opened up to a whole new level with the invention of Cricut. With this tool, you can make your own stickers in any shape or size that you want. There are many types of Cricut sticker paper, but only some will work depending on what type of product you’re making.

sticker papers

Some of the types are:

Below are tips about each type to help you find the best sticker paper for Cricut.

Cricut’s own Clear Sticker Paper is always a great choice. The clear paper has an adhesive-back that’s printable for using your own designs. It can be used to create custom full-color stickers, decals, labels, décor, and more and you can use it with your home printer and Cricut cutting machine. You’ll be able to create, customize, print, and cut out your own designs. Your creations look premium, sleek, and blend well on the surface without leaving white edges. 

The Best Sticker Cardstock

Best sticker paper for Cricut

You can create a variety of paper projects with just a little cutting, peeling, and sticking. Ideas that Cricut cardstock works best on are cards, striking banners, engaging posters, and multi-layer paper projects of all sorts.

Guess what my favorite feature is? You don’t need glue! Rather than using a cutting mat, you can just load and go with this quick adhesive-backed paper. By cutting, peeling, and sticking, you can make fun cards, bold banners, attractive posters, and layered paper projects of all sorts.

 Country living has a lot of great ideas.

The Best Printable Sticker Paper

 You can make colorful stickers with Cricut’s printable sticker paper. Simply design then do the “Print and Cut” feature on your Cricut. I’ve discovered that this sticker paper sticks to most surfaces. But, beware! Once you’ve placed it….you won’t be able to reposition it. So, plan carefully!

The Best Kraft Sticker Paper

Do you have a project where you need a vintage look? Try these blank stickers made of Kraft paper. Use this paper just as you would with the other sticker papers and get creative with the different projects you can create.

The Best Laminate Sticker Paper

I use OraJet® 1917 adhesive film when it comes to making durable, adhesive labels and stickers. You can still use your home inkjet printer, whether you need bumper stickers or waterproof production labels. In addition to UV protection, waterproofing, and enhanced durability, you get an extra level of protection from the waterproof glossy laminate sheet.

The Best Waterproof and Glossy Sticker Paper

Hands down, the Royal Elements, glossy sticker paper is the best. Waterproof, versatile, and chemically resistant stickers can be produced with this glossy sticker paper. The stickers can also be used in the rain and direct sunlight.

I have discovered that glossy, waterproof paper is a bit trickier to use. Adding matte tape around the black box around the stickers and applying more pressure is the trick to making them cut.

We show you how to make waterproof stickers by clicking here.

The Best Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

Sticker paper is thinner so it will print at home with fewer paper jams, making it perfect for indoor projects like planners or notebook stickers. Being thinner helps the stickers print easier, but be careful. Because the paper is thinner, it will sometimes tear when removing the stickers.

I hope this article has helped you learn what the best sticker paper is for your Cricut crafts. The problem with finding the right sticker paper for Cricut projects is that there are so many different types of papers available. You may think all stickers are created equal, but they’re not- each type of paper requires its own special treatment and will perform differently when used with your machine. If you need a Cricut machine you can read this article about Cricut Maker bundles.

Here’s an example of a Halloween-themed sticker project from good housekeeping.

Whatever sticker paper you choose, make sure you take time to read the instructions on the packet. If you just grab any old pack of craft store stickers without reading the instructions first, they might turn into an unusable mess within hours or minutes of cutting them out…or worse yet, crumble up in between layers while you’re in the middle of printing a project. The best sticker paper for Cricut depends on the project you’re creating. Choose wisely!

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