Simple Cricut Projects That Make Money

Buying a Cricut maker is somewhat of an investment, and unless you are just totally obsessed with crafting as a hobby, you may be thinking about what are some simple Cricut projects that make money. In this post we are going to dive into some of the most profitable Cricut projects but also one’s that are a little simpler to knock out.

If you are able to go into a Cricut crafting business full-time, you will likely be able to commit to more in-depth projects that require a bit more time. If you want to start a little creative Cricut side hustle with easy projects, than this post is for you.

If you are thinking of starting a small online shop, check out this blog we did on trending crafts to sell on Etsy.

Simple Cricut Projects that Make Money:

Make Coffee Mugs with Cricut

Cricut actually released a machine called the Cricut Mug Press that ONLY helps you make cool coffee mugs. This is a fairly simple project even if you don’t have the Cricut Mug Press and only have the Cricut machine. All you pretty much need is transfer tape, vinyl, and blank coffee mugs.

People are always looking for cute/funny coffee mugs. Create a unique brand that reflects your personality, come up with 5-10 sayings and graphics and you will be in business!

Make Wall Art with Cricut

I’ve found that some of the simplest wall art is often the most popular. Again, create a unique brand so that you hone in on a particular style. All you pretty much need for these types of projects are transfer tape, vinyl, and canvas or wood slabs.

Photo Credit: Domestic Heights 

Make Stickers with Cricut

People are super into stickers again these days, especially for calendars and organization. Create a line of stickers that focuses either on the fun embellishment aspect or the organizational aspect. Sell them in bundles or potentially create a subscription sticker service that gives your customers new designs each month!

Make Table Numbers for Weddings with Cricut

Custom wedding and event décor is always high in demand. You could start an entire business creating custom wedding items with your Cricut. An easy one to start with is table numbers. You can take custom orders or mess around with exclusive designs.

Make Place cards for Weddings with Cricut

Again, another wedding item that will always be high in demand. Place cards will be a custom order because each name on the place card is different. So, while it may take you some time on the front end, once you have a few templates, you can knock these out and charge a good amount of money for them.

Make Cards with Cricut

Some of the Cricut card projects can get a little complicated with different steps and layers. But you can create a simple line of “Thank You” cards and sell them online. Create 5-6 different designs and create them as the orders roll in. That way you save money on materials if one design does better than the other. We did an entire blog on card making with Cricut that you can check-out here.

Make Car Decals (bumper stickers) with Cricut

This is a pretty inexpensive project to make and a great one if you are super new to the Cricut. All you need is Vinyl and transfer tape. You don’t even have to worry about trying to attach the vinyl smoothly because the customer does it themselves!

Make Gift Tags with Cricut

This is probably my favorite one because it’s something people buy in bulk so the return on investment is pretty high. You can take custom orders for small businesses (like pictured here), or you can create holiday gift tags and sell them in bundles.

Photo Credit: Stamp Couture

Make Confetti with Cricut

If you make several designs in small simple shapes, such as different sized circles and stars, you can make really fun confetti bags. Confetti is super popular right now for stuffing in cards, gifts, or using as party décor.

Make Banners with Cricut

Make custom banners for first birthdays, holidays, and parties! People love having custom banners to hang on highchairs, book shelves, etc. This is another project that you could take custom work for and charge more or have stock items that don’t change.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on simple Cricut projects that make money. Good luck on starting your creative side hustle. Happy crafting!