10 Trending Crafts on Etsy that You Can Make and Sell in 2021

I am personally a HUGE small shop fan and I absolutely love finding things on Etsy. The shop managers and creators are typically super personable and pay very close attention to your requests and details. I have had some amazing experiences with small shops on this platform. So I decided to round up some of the most popular and trending items on Etsy right now and narrow in on the items that a crafter could potentially make…

1. Quarantine themed Quotes.

You can put funny quarantine quotes on pretty much any craft these days like mugs, tumblers, masks, or even just as a printable.

Check out this cute Valentine’s “My 2021 Quarantine” mug by LakeHDeisgnStudio .

2. Seasonal Door Decals

People love to spruce up their front doors with sayings that look like they are painted on, but are actually just decals. You can create seasonal or holiday quotes that will fit on a standard size door.

Check out this Valentine’s Day Door Decal by NewWaveSigns.

3. Tie-Dye is super in!

Whether it’s on a towel, card, or sweatshirt – Tie Dye started trending in 2020 and is continuing into 2021. This fairly easy craft project is a great one for Etsy shops!

Check out this Tie Dye Hoodie by BohemianTextileShop.

4. Non-traditional House Portraits

Folks these days are loving their homes and having a keepsake memory of them. You can create custom house portraits made of Crepe Paper with a Cricut machine!

Check out this example here by yeiou.

5. Personalized Crayon Names

Solid colors, rainbow, glitter – you name it, it’s trending right now with custom crayon shapes. Perfect as activities for kids, party favors, or as a gift. This fun craft is super popular right now.

Check out these Kids Name crayons by PopOfGold.

6. Masks

For the sewing enthusiast, this is probably a pretty obvious one. But we are moving in the direction of having a sense of humor along with the mask, not just patterns.

Check out this funny mask by HiddenSmilesApparel.

7. Chapstick Holders

Another one for the sewing enthusiast – use leftover fabric from masks to matching chapstick holders!

Here is a chapstick holder example by GracefulOrganization.

8. Tassels

This is trending in general, whether it’s a garland, a traditional hanging tassel, or lanyard.

These tassel banners are super popular right now by RustyChicDecor.

9. Geometric Shelves

Geometric shapes have been trending for a while now in jewelry and home decor. Now you can make wood floating shelves in different geometric shapes to sell on Etsy.

Check out these triangle floating shelves by RusticHouseUK.

10. Ponytail holders

Cute ponytail holders like hair bobbles, pigtail bows, and mini knots are totally trending right now and are fairly easily projects to pull off.

Check out these cute Mini Knot Hair Ties by ShopPoePoe.

Some of these items you could create using a Cricut, which if you are new to the machine, you should check out our latest blog post on what the Cricut Explore Air 2 does. If you are looking to start a little side hustle, crafting and small shops is where it’s at right now, especially during quarantine. But if nothing else, definitely shop small and check out all of the shops listed out in this blog post.

Happy crafting!