15 + Ideas for a Quarantine Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching – can you believe it! This time last year, we were probably all preparing for our date night out, to get away from the kids, and have a fun night with our significant other. Valentine’s Day is traditionally one of the biggest days of the year TO GO OUT and eat, see a movie, or do something!

We nearly made it last year, because in less than month from last year’s Valentine’s Day Date, COVID started changing things in a massive way. So although we are all very used to doing things at home right now, it may hit us a little harder this 2021 Valentine’s day…. as we spend yet another holiday…. at home.

Because of this, I have rounded up some very unique gifts to buy and use as a couple at home, different Valentine’s Date night-in ideas, as well as cool crafty gifts you can make that your significant other will love…

  1. The Adventure Challenge is a book with scratch off date ideas that you can do safely at home. “Get straight to the date and receive everything you need for an new adventure from the book every month with The Adventure Box.”
  2. Let’s Stay At Home Kit. I know it’s getting old staying at home, so make it a little more luxurious this February. Buy cozy robes, fancy slippers, and eye masks. Package it all into the ultimate kit for you and your significant other to enjoy on Valentine’s Day and beyond.
  3. Recreate your favorite restaurant or bar. Set the mood with themed decor, a table set for two and order carryout from the restaurant. Dress up to the nine and pretend you are out on a date.
  4. Check out the many subscription services boxes that are available these days! There are TONS of ideas to fit any personality and its the gift that will keep on giving safely all year long.
  5. A hand-made old school Valentine from the heart. Check out this blog post on 12 Valentine’s you can make this year. Or just use your imagination! Often the best gifts are made from the heart and are free.
  6. Go to the movies… at home. Splurge on a “just released” movie. Turn of all of the lights and get cozy. Don’t forget to pickup popcorn, your favorite candies and drinks beforehand.
  7. Buy an Instant Pot (if you don’t already have one) we know these are all the rage, so why not buy one as a couple. Vow to cook meals together at least once in a week in your brand new instant pot!
  8. Wine Tasting for Two. Go to a local liquor store and pick out some wines to try. Elevate the night by making a yummy cheese plate.
  9. Name a Star after your significant other! Search online for star naming sites and choose one that fits your price range. You typically receive a certificate in the mail.
  10. Remember that Elementary School love? Try recreating it this Valentine’s Day. When your significant other gets home, have a note written out, asking if they will be your valentine. Then spend the evening holding their hand, giving unexpected hugs and kisses, and playing games you did as a kid.
  11. Spa Date! Order a spa kit and setup your bathroom tub with warm water, wine, bubbles and candles. Surprise your significant other with an amazing spa night!
  12. Hire a personal Chef for the night. Even with the pandemic, there are still chef’s making safe house calls and it beats a crowd. Splurge on a personal chef to cook you and your significant other a fabulous dinner. Or order a special meal from a local catering company.
  13. Trying to save some money? Buy a cheap but fun puzzle that reminds you of a special place. Then spend an hour over wine, building the puzzle together!
  14. Check out your local bakeries for Valentine’s Day cookie making kits. Many businesses have started offering kits like this and they are super fun to do with family or friends.
  15. Write your love story! Grab a journal and write down the love story between you and your significant other. You can make it as long or as short as you like and have fun adding in characters and quotes.
  16. Remember the love coupons you used to make for you boyfriend or girlfriend? Why not trying making coupons for your kiddos – stuff you know they love to do with you as a Valentine’s gift!
  17. Make a memory board with an old cork board. Cut decorate paper to fit the entire board and glue it down. Then to make it special for a Valentine’s Day gift, tac favorite picture, a love letter, or memories that are special to you.

I hope these ideas inspired you to create a one of a kind Valentine’s Night-In this year. Whatever you end up doing, just remember that these are all memories we will look back on one day – make the best of it!