Top 3 Beginner Cricut Craft Room Organization Tips

So you are a Cricut owner! It’s so exciting to take your crafting to the next level but it can also be a bit overwhelming as you start accumulating so much craft supplies. Check out these tips and tricks for creating a craft space heaven for your new Cricut…

New to Cricut?? Are you a little confused or overwhelmed? Check out this blog post on what to do when you first get your Cricut machine.

Top 3 Cricut Craft Room Organization Tips…

# 1 – You Need a Large Workspace

Above all else, you need a large workspace or table that is designated strictly for projects. This is the very first thing you should setup or invest in. You can use a variety of things including…

You can get super creative and be as thrifty as you want. But first and foremost, you need a place to work that is separate from other surfaces. Do not make the rookie mistake of combining your work desk, computer, or dining room table with your craft supplies. Trust me, it does not work! You run out of space, end up having to move things around everyday OR you just give up on the craft.

Your creative workspace should be only for making projects and have nothing else stored on it. The goal is to come to a clear workspace, do your craft, and then clear it off again for the next time!

# 2 – Labels are your New Best Friend

You can never go overboard with labels in a craft space. Label everything. Yes. Everything. If you are creating a space on a budget thats totally fine. Use whatever boxes, baskets, or bags you have on hand BUT make sure to label them with what you are putting inside. You can use stickers, paper labels, or even chalk paint.

Separate items into as many categories as you can. It should be VERY straight forward. Examples of great sorting and labeling include categories like…

  • Vinyl Sheets
  • Cricut Pens
  • Cricut Mats
  • Neutral Paper
  • Colorful Paper
  • Scrap Paper

The list can and should go on and on. You should not bunch together a bunch of supplies in one big basket and call it “Cricut Supplies”. That is a sure-fire way to get discouraged and overwhelmed when trying to do a project. It should be super simple to find the materials and supplies you need. This is the road to crafting regularly and like a pro.

# 3 Even Your Big Supplies Should Have a Home

That means that your actual Cricut machine should have a place to go when you are finished using it. A spot that you can easily put it away, take it back out, and set it on your workspace when using it. A few good examples for this type of storage include…

Eventually, if you find that you are crafting almost daily, you can graduate to creating a “Cricut only” table where you leave it out. But when you are first getting started, keep your workspace free by putting allllll your supplies away.

An amazing example is the Cricut cart below from The Country Chic Cottage. She has a super organized craft space and designated Cricut area. She also has created a home-made filming station for her crafting tutorials on YouTube!

Do yourself a favor and make sure you create an organized and inviting craft space so that you can craft easily. There is nothing more frustrating than being inspired to create, but not having a space ready for when inspiration strikes. You can start off small and slowly add more storage, more supplies, and more organization. But my #1 advice is to definitely start from the very beginning!

Happy Crafting!