20 Minute Recycled Valentine’s Day Craft for your Neighbors

Spread the love this Valentine’s day to your community easily and safely with this nifty project. Create “love notes” to hang on your neighbors door knobs anonymously or from a “secret admirer”. Write a thoughtful short and sweet note that explains something that you really love about having them in your neighborhood.

It can be something as simple as loving the tree that grows in their front yard or something as specific as a memory you share. The whole idea is to write just a couple of sentences about something that warms your heart when you think of them.


The supplies for this quick craft is probably stuff that you already have. I made these love notes out of an old Valentine’s day bag by cutting the bag up and using some of its decor pieces. I also used old scrap book paper for more shapes and hearts. The instructions and supplies here are based off of 1 “love note”, but you can make as many as you would like! I ended up making 3 myself.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 piece of card stock or heavy paper (preferably in a Valentine’s Day color) cut into a 4×6 rectangle
  • 1 piece of white paper or notebook paper cut into a small rectangle
  • Twine or a leftover bag handle
  • Tag or small rectangle cut from paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen or Marker to write
  • Various Valentine’s stickers, shapes, etc.

First start by writing the note itself on the small piece of white paper. Then glue that piece of paper to one of the heavier card stock pieces.

Next add fun decor elements such as X’s and O’s or hearts. I used pieces off of an old Valentine’s Day gift bag! Glue them onto the card stock paper around your note. You can even add some on the back of the card stock.

Last punch a hole at the top of your note and string twine or an old bag handle through the hole. Write “Love Note” on the tag and attach that through the hole as well.

On Valentine’s Day, hang the note on you neighbors door. They may figure out it was you or maybe not! But I guarantee it will bring a smile to their face.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!