12 Trending Valentine’s Gifts made with the Cricut

Valentine’s Day is only a little over a month away and there is no better time to DIY! Hand-made is always a heart melter on Valentine’s Day anyway and this year we should all stay home and craft!

Check out this ultimate roundup of trending Valentine’s Cricut projects on Pinterest from various bloggers. The projects cover all different ages starting with toddlers all the way up to adults.

Little One’s

Simple and cute DIY gifts for kiddos under the age of 7.

  1. Crayon Animal Valentine’s Card: a super easy Cricut project for a beginner.
  2.  Hugs and Kisses Candy Box: these are the cutest tiny boxes that you can fill with candy!
  3.  Heart Lollipop Holder: another super easy Cricut card for your kiddo!


Surprise your kid with these fun and quirky Valentine’s gifts.

4. Pencil Arrow Valentine’s Card: just a little hint to keep working hard in school!

5. Emoji Cake Pops: such a perfect Valentine’s gift for a tween.

6. “ExStraw Special” Valentine’s Print: who doesn’t love a silly straw!?


These are the tough years to impress your teenager. But, I seriously doubt they would skip out on these cute DIYs…

7. “I Soda Like You” Beverage Label: pack in a lunch box for a sweet surprise.

8. Valentine’s Heart Book Mark: for your teenage book worm.

9. Candy Heart Keychain: every teenager loves a good key chain.



Who says cute Valentine’s gifts are just for kids? Check out these really unique DIY gift ideas for your girlfriends or spouse!

10. Valentine’s Coloring Bookmark: everyone has that one super artsy friend, this is perfect for them!

11. Mini Farmhouse Rolling Pins: just the cutest DIY for your mom friends.

12. His and Her’s Valentine’s Mugs: surprise your spouse or significant other with this super cute Valentine’s Day mug.

I hope you enjoyed these Cricut craft ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. If you end up trying any of these projects, please let us know by commenting below! And spread the love of the online blogging world by checking out or following all of these fellow bloggers listed out in this post. We also have a blog on the 10 best crochet blogs for even more blogger accounts we love.

Happy early Valentine’s day!