Easy Crafts for Adults You Will Love Making – 50 Fun DIYs for Adults

Crafting does not have to involve extensive technical expertise, expensive supplies, or hours of your time. There are plenty of fun and easy projects any adult can tackle, and here are 50 ideas to get you started.

1. Light Switch it Up

Transform your boring white or beige switch plates with paint or fabric.

2. Flowers that Last

Make a paper flower or felt flowers that will brighten any room (and will never wilt!).

felt flower

3. Personalize your Phone Case

If you are tired of your basic black phone case, liven it up with some paint.

4. Makeover your Makeup

Transform your vanity into a quaint display by using various mason jars to hold cosmetics and brushes.

multicolored mason jars

5. Light up the Hood with Luminaries

Use decorated paper bags to celebrate holidays with neighbors.

6. Coasters into Crafting

Coasters are a favorite easy craft idea. You can make your own out of cork or cardboard, covered with a laminate.

7. Duct Tape Does It

Duct tape really CAN fix anything, and you can even make handy little carrying cases out of it.

8. Painted Pot Herb Garden

Paint the names of herbs in bright colors onto inexpensive small clay pots before you plant them.

close up of plants pots

9. Bird Seed Ornaments

The perfect gift for bird watchers or just to make for your own garden.

10. Painted Rocks

Grab some rocks from the yard and use your imagination with craft paints. Leave them in a few neighbors’ yards to spread some cheer in your ‘hood!

11. Your Favorite Jeans on Your Favorite Novel

If they get too snug, don’t throw them out. Turn your favorite jeans into a cute book cover!

12. Bookmark This Idea

When it comes to cheap and easy stocking stuffers, you can’t beat bookmarks. Laminate favorite photos or family sayings with an inexpensive laminate machine.

13. Shutter Mail Holder

An old shutter can easily be painted and hung on a wall to casually display photos or hold mail.

festive atmosphere in cozy room

14. Facelift your Lampshades

Use fabric paint to give lampshades a bright update.

15. Filed Under Cheerios

Turn a cereal box into a magazine file with a few easy cuts and some decorative contact paper.

16. Poms Make it Pop

Visit your craft store and stock up on pom fringe and individual poms and attach them to…everything! They liven up everything from pillows to pumps.

17. Upcycle Your Cards

If you tend to save holiday cards you have received from others, cut the designs from the front to reuse as gift tags.

18. Fabric Scrap Face Masks

Use leftover fabric from other fun craft projects to create washable face masks.

19. Fabric Scrap Sachets

Leftover fabric can also be used along with dried herbs and essential oils to make drawer sachets (these make lovely hostess gifts!)

20. Placemat Purse

Forget pricey pocketbook brands: placemat purses will keep you stylish without breaking the bank!

21. An Old Screen for Your Baubles

An old framed screen is the perfect, shabby chic way to keep your earrings organized.

22. Bottle Up the Lights

Empty wine bottles can be filled with holiday lights (then topped with bows or Santa heads) for festive holiday décor.

23. Pump Up Your Pumpkins

Who says they have to be orange? Spray paint your pumpkins in bright, vivid colors to stand out when the neighbors trick or treat.

24. Soda Bottle Santa

Got an old glass soda bottle? Then you have a Santa in the making.

three coca cola bottles isolated on gray background

25. Make Your Own Trivets

Crafters have lots of ideas about making trivets, but why not turn to the Queen of Crafts herself?

26. Save Time Later with Return Labels

Use inexpensive office supply labels to print your own return address and a cute initial or monogram, saving you time when mailing cards.

27. Button Up Your Spot

Save your spot in your favorite book by attaching a cute button to a colorful paperclip with hot glue.

men sorting buttons on table

28. Ah, Aromatherapy…

Make your own aromatherapy rice bag, a soothing treat at home.

29. Turn Your Towel into a Spa Towel

If you want to enjoy a spa day at home, turn your ordinary towels into a spa wrap with the help of some simple Velcro.

30. Spa Headband

Why stop at the towel? Make yourself a headband, too.

31. Put a Pin in It

Every crafter needs a cute pincushion, so why not make your own?

32. Mirrored Tray

Turn a small framed mirror into a tray simple by adding two handles to the frame’s sides.

man holding brown framed mirror

33. Nail Polish Marbled Votives

After you polish your toes, polish up some votives, too!

34. Personalized Recipe Cards

If you like to share baked goods with the neighbors, send your treats with personalized recipe cards. Use plain index cards you can run through a printer with a monogram and a top line that reads “From the Kitchen of….”

35. Crayon Melts

Gather all the nubs from your child’s crayon box and melt them down into new crayons in fun shapes.

crayons set

36. Bang-up Bangles

Purchase cheap bangle bracelets from a craft or dollar store and cover them with fabric scraps to add some flair to any outfit.

37. Painted Pinecones

If your yard has an abundance of pinecones, spraypaint them in metallics to make a fun display centerpiece for the holidays.

person holding pine cone in his hand

38. Put Some Pop in your Pantry

Take the dull beige baskets found in most pantries and spray paint them in fun colors.

39. Clips for Chips…or Anything!

Clothespins can be painted and decorated to use as chip clips, to organize mail, or to hang delicates to dry. Pom Pom puffs make a great topper for these.

40. Crochet Plastic Bags

For those who hate the thought of plastic bags in landfills, make a craft out of them!

41. Can Cookie Cutters

Using great caution, especially with little fingers around, cut aluminum cans into cookie cutter shapes.

42. Press Leaves

Leaf peepers will enjoy this easy fall-favorite craft.

assorted types of leaves isolated on black background

43. Make Your Own Journal

A great way to recycle an old book is to turn it into a new journal.

44. Paint your Own Holiday China

Use porcelain paint to turn dollar store plates into festive dishes.

45. Tie-Dye Napkins

Turn inexpensive restaurant supply cloth napkins into far-out table accessories by tie-dying them.

46. Bling Your Napkin Rings

Once you have made fun tie-dyed napkins, you need to step up your napkin ring game! Use craft beads or jewels to jazz up inexpensive plain napkin rings.

47. Make Your Luggage Stand Out

Use old keychain rings and felt, feathers or other craft scraps to add a distinctive tag to your luggage (which will make it easier to spot at baggage claim!)

travel women walking and strolling luggage

48. Put on a Puppet Show

You don’t need to be a kid to love puppets and felt puppets are incredibly easy for anyone to make.

49. Checkerboard Décor

Love playing checkers? Paint a checkerboard! Paint a small board on your deck, patio, or even a rec room floor.

50. Make a Scarf Hanger

Get your closet winter-ready with a scarf hanger.

women wearing white long sleeved shirt