How to Make a Toddler Friendly May Day Basket

Are you wondering how to make a toddler friendly May Day basket? Well, you have come to the right blog! May is a month FULL of celebrations. You can actually check out our blog on 31 Days of May celebrations, activities, and DIYS below. And kicking off May 1st is always May Day.

In ancient times, May Day was to celebrate the coming of Spring with festivals, dance, and food. Today, many people use May Day to make a May Basket and leave on the porches of neighbors and friends. May Baskets can consist of many things, but typically they are filled with flowers from a garden. Here is a great May Basket example by the one and only Martha Stewart…

I used to love making very manicured and pretty May Day baskets. But once I had little kiddo’s running around, it became hard to do that! I wanted to find some way to incorporate them and still make something nice. So, I decided to take a stab at making an all paper May Day basket.

how to make a toddler friendly may basket

While this isn’t totally toddler proof, there are a lot of ways that your kiddos can help with this project with painting and picking out fun flower shapes.

Supplies For How to Make a Toddler Friendly May Day Basket :


Steps on How to Make a Toddler Friendly May Day Basket :

  1. Lay out a large piece of Butcher paper and let your kiddo paint it! This is the best step because it doesn’t matter how they paint it, it’s going to turn out great!
  2. Set the butcher paper aside to dry.
  3. While the butcher paper is drying, begin making your paper flower arrangements. You can either use your Cricut to design and cut or you can use pre-made flower cut-outs.
  4. Make sure you have a bunch of different options for flower shapes and begin working with your kiddo to layer them the way you would like.
  5. Once you have all the flowers designed and layered the way you want, begin gluing the layers with a hot glue gun. This will keep them together much better than regular paper glue.
  6. Set the flowers aside to dry.
  7. Once the flowers are dry, hot glue a popsicle stick to the back of each flower. This will help it stand inside the cone.
  8. Once the butcher paper has dried, cut it into a square to make the cone shape. Here is a great tutorial on how to make a cone out of paper.
  9. Once you have your cone together, punch two hole on either top end and then add twine to create a handle so that you can hang the basket on a door knob.
  10. Stick the popsicle flowers inside and add a customized tag for whoever your recipient is!

The other fun part about this project that you can do with your little kiddos is delivering the arrangements. It is super fun for your kids to run up to neighbor’s doors and hang the flower cone on doorknobs, then run away! It’s a great tradition to start on May 1st .

I hope this blog gives you some inspiration for how to make a toddler friendly May Day basket. For more craft ideas, check out this blog post on the trending craft projects of 2021. Happy crafting!