31 Days of Easy May Crafts and DIYs

31 Days of Easy May Crafts and DIYs

Yes, your dreams have come true! May is such a magical month! Spring is in full force, the weather is beautiful, and there are lots of fun holidays. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to round up not only the major holidays of the month, but some lesser known social holidays and DIY ways to celebrate.

In this blog post you will find 31 Days of easy May Crafts and DIYs, holidays (1 per day) and how you can have fun celebrating using DIY, craft, and party ideas.

May 1st – May day and Kentucky Derby

Listing out two holidays here because they are both big ones! Traditionally May 1st is May Day and many people make May Baskets to give to neighbors. You collect flowers from your garden, put them into a basket, and leave on your neighbor’s porch!

It also happens to be Kentucky Derby today, a really fun Southern Tradition. Check out this blog on throwing a Kentucky Derby party by Design Improved.

May 2nd – Brothers and Sisters Day

A great holiday for the kiddos, use this day for sibling connection. Have your kids draw pictures of each other, write sweet letters and leave in each-other’s rooms, or you can even create a brother/sister bonding challenge (like those office teamwork challenges).

May 3rd – Garden Mediation Day

Have you ever tried making your own mini Zen sand garden for your desk or dresser? It’s pretty easy to do and would be a great craft for today. Check out this tutorial on how to make one using items all from the Dollar Store!


May 4th – National Teacher’s Day

This is a big one that you will see all over the internet. Thank your teachers, especially now, their job is SO tough. There are a million crafts that you can do to create something fun for teachers. Check out this printable flower bouquet by Pixels and Pop.

May 5th – Cinco De Mayo

Hispanic and Mexican pride day! Throw a little Cinco De Mayo shindig or dinner at home today and check out this adorable faux guitar craft by, Our Kid Things, that you can make with your little ones. Or this cute Cinco De Mayo DIY Party by Joy in the Common Place.

May 6th – Beverage Day

DIY your own beverages! Create unique soda pop flavors using sparkling water and flavored drops.

May 7th – Space Day

Time to bust out that solar system you made in elementary school! But all jokes aside, this is a great day for DIY’s with your kiddos. Here is a really fun idea about making a DIY Solar System Play Dough Kit by Stephanie Hathaway.

May 8th – No Socks Day

Yes, there is such a holiday. I say use this holiday to take off your socks and use them for a craft like making sock puppets or sock plushies. Your kiddos will get a kick out of this.

May 9th – Mother’s Day


We already did an entire post dedicated to Mother’s Day DIY gift ideas which you can find here.

May 10th – Clean Up Your Room Day

Create a fun DIY game for your kiddos to help them learn how to clean up their rooms (and actually want to). Here is a great idea from Honey Bear Lane.

May 11th – Eat What You Want Day

I think this day is pretty self-explanatory. A wonderful day to ask yourself or your kids what should we eat today? Then go to the grocery store, buy the ingredients, and spend the day making whatever you want to eat!

May 12th – International Nurses Day

Another big one to celebrate, especially this year. Thank your nurses with a handmade card delivered to your local hospital or doctor’s office. P.S. You can make really cute cards with the Cricut.

All You Need to Know about Making Cards with Cricut


May 13th – Frog Jumping Day

This silly holiday goes back to Mark Twain’s first short story in 1856 called “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog”. This would be a great day to read the book, write your own short story, or use the entire day to frog jump!

May 14th – Dance Like a Chicken Day

Enough Said.

May 15th – Armed Forces Day

Another amazing day in May to honor and celebrate the people that do so much! Here is a round-up of patriotic crafts for kids by Real House Moms.

May 16th – Love a Tree Day

There are so many Tree crafts, but for Spring I would like to share a fun Broccoli Stamped Cherry Blossom Tree by Glued To My Crafts.

May 17th – Pack Rat Day

This is the only holiday on the books for May 17th. So to celebrate it, unlike Clean up Your Room Day, don’t clean! In fact, take the time to rummage through all of your craft supplies and take inventory of what you have for future projects!

May 18th – Visit your Relatives Day

And while you are visiting, make sure to bring them a fun craft! Check out our blog on 20 Quarantine crafts to do at home.

May 19th – World Plant a Vegetable Garden Day

Talk about the ultimate DIY, make your own veggie garden! Check out this Youtube tutorial on how to start a veggie garden.

May 20th – Pick Strawberries Day

Use this day to go to a local farmers market and find some fresh strawberries or have fun making a strawberry inspired craft with your little one.

May 21st – National Endangered Species Day

It’s always a good day to learn a little more about our planet and make endangered species handprints!

May 22nd – Buy a Musical Instrument Day

Or make one! Have each member of your family DIY a musical instrument and play a show after dinner!

May 23rd – World Turtle Day

Nothing is cuter than this simple turtle craft by iheartcraftythings !

May 24th – International Tiara Day

I can’t think of a better excuse than to DIY a Tiara! What is your ultimate Tiara style? Check out 40 ideas in this blog post.

May 25th – National Wine Day

This one is for my mamas! There is a second holiday in May (besides Mother’s Day) dedicated to you! And for that, here is an awesome blog post on decorating wine glasses with the Cricut.

May 26th – Sally Ride Day

Not many people have heard of this holiday. It honors the first time a female astronaut went into space! So let’s DIY a space shuttle today!

May 27th – Sun Screen Day

Slap on some sunscreen, get outside, and play some of these fun outdoor DIY games today.

May 28th – National Hamburger Day

Whether you are a cheeseburger, slider, bacon burger, or plain jane kinda gal – this is a great day to make a hamburger!

May 29th – International Jazz Day

Turn on some jazz and craft the day away.

Easy Crafts for Adults You Will Love Making – 50 Fun DIYs for Adults


May 30th – Mint Julep Day

Well this one is easy – learn to make a Mint Julep Cocktail today!

May 31st – Memorial Day

Another super important holiday celeb rated this month is Memorial Day. Again there are tons of crafts and DIYs for this holiday but I would like to shout out this DIY handprint flag by The Soccer Mom Blog. You can use this as décor in your home or hang on your door as a wreath!

There you have it – 31 Days of Easy May Crafts and DIYs. I hope this blog has inspired you to plan out some fun things to do by yourself or with your family this month. There is always something to celebrate especially when there are 31 days of easy may crafts and DIYs!