Cricut Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Totally Make

Mother’s day is a month away so we are bringing you some Cricut Mother’s Day gifts and ideas. There is nothing that a mom wants more than a heart-felt gift. Things that are hand-made by the ones you love are priceless.

Crafts have always been a super popular Mother’s Day go-to and since the pandemic, crafting is at an all-time high. Whether you have mastered a particular craft skill or are a beginner, we have mapped out some ideas for any experience level.

Mason Jar Tissue Holder

This craft idea was found on The Country Chic Cottage. Paint the outside of a mason jar and use your Cricut to create a cute saying like “Bless You” or “Sneeze the Moment” onto a vinyl sheet of your color choice. Transfer the saying onto your mason jar via transfer tape and add an X cut on cardstock for the top.

Sleep Mask

You can create a cute sleep mask with the Cricut. Here is an example from I Love My Disorganized Life.

Cricut Mother’s Day Gifts


This is a perfect Cricut made gift for mom. You can create an intricut cut design or a cute printed saying.

Personalized Vase

This project idea was found on Ginger Snap Crafts. Create a personalized vase with a saying, quote and/or image that your mom likes with vinyl and transfer paper.

Cricut Mother’s Day Gifts

Decorated Notebook

You can DIY a notebook cover with a personalized message, song lyric, or quote using vinyl and transfer paper.

A Custom T-Shirt with a Mom Quote

There are so many directions you can go here and SO many cute quotes you can use to make a custom shirt with your Cricut. Check out our blog post on “99 Mom Quotes Perfect For Cricut Projects” for even more inspiration and some laughs!

Paper Flowers

Flowers are kind of a Mother’s Day staple, so what if mom could keep them forever?? With the Cricut machine you can make tons of different flower projects to give to mom. Ideas include a paper succulent arrangement, paper flower corsage, paper flower gift box with a present inside, or a flower bouquet!

A Custom Tumbler or Mug with a Mom Quote

Cricut makes it easier than ever now to make a custom coffee mug with their new Mug Press. What mom doesn’t love a coffee mug or tumbler?? Coffee and water is pretty much all moms survive on!

Spa Kit

Create themed mother’s day labels for a spa kit and place on top of soaps, oils, and scrubs. Put everything into a basket and you have a personalized spa kit. This spa kit is from Not So Cli-Shea.

Cricut Mother’s Day Gifts

If you want to know how to convert a PNG image to SVG you can see this article “HOW TO EASILY CONVERT A PNG IMAGE TO AN SVG CUT FILE

We hope this blog post inspired you to make some Cricut Mother’s Day gifts this year. To make it even easier for you, we have rounded up a couple free SVG cut file links for Mother’s Day quotes below. <– after clicking this link you need to right click and select save as

These links, except the first one, will take you to other blogger sites that are offering free SVG cut files, usually in exchange for an email address. In case you don’t know what an SVG cut file is, it is basically the quote design that you can download to your Cricut Design Space program. Cricut has some free already-made designs and also ones that you have to buy.

You can always make or create your own design, but it can take time and be difficult if you are a beginner. Other bloggers and crafters have already made designs and are sometimes willing to share them for free! It’s a great way to get nice quotes, sayings, or images without having to purchase them from Cricut Design Space.

Have a blast making your Cricut Mother’s Day gifts!


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