The Top Trending Craft Projects for 2021

It’s no surprise that we saw a crafting BOOM in 2020. With everyone being stuck inside, crafts were a perfect way to pass the time. For beginners, last year was a a great year to work on new skill sets in the crafting world. Now, I believe in 2021, a super wave of experienced crafters are going to emerge!

If you haven’t hopped on the craft train yet, it’s not too late to start developing some skills. Here are some of the popular craft projects that we see trending in 2021…

Epoxy Resin

A craft material on the rise. Epoxy Resin is basically an adhesive that is first liquid and then when mixed it becomes hardened. You can make all sorts of things with this material because it can be molded into whatever you want it to be. Some of the most popular Resin crafts we are seeing include…

  1. 3D stickers: you guessed it, the 90’s vibe puffy stickers are back!
  2. Anything glittery: keychains, coasters, hair clips, earrings, etc. Resin is clear and is perfect for mixing with glitter, then setting rock solid.
  3. Games: check out this AMAZING Dominoes Set from RoseBeading


This also became popular in 2020 but we are going to see so much creativity come with this craft in 2021. The options are kind of endless for all the different materials you can use to embroider. Say goodbye to flat traditional floral designs and hello to designs with texture like these…

  1. Scenic Farmlands, Forrests, and Ponds
  2. Abstract Embroidery

Tie Dying

We started seeing this trend in 2020 and it’s likely going to grow even more in 2021. Some popular Tie-Dye projects we see going into this year include…

  1. Eco-Friendly Dyes: super popular to use natural dyes over chemical ones.
  2. Recycled Garments: take an old or stained piece of clothing and tie dye it for a fresh look!
  3. Ice-Dying: leaving ice cubes on top of the tie-dye design and watching it melt to create a swirl!


A newer 2020 trend that is now in for a while. Working with clay, particularly in jewelry, is totally in right now. There have been tons of new Etsy stores open up that sell clay jewelry. Test your clay skills with some of these cool projects…

  1. Clay earrings
  2. Clay ring holders: there are tons of different projects out there including standing ring holders, flat ring holders, and in all shapes and sizes.
  3. Pottery: plant pots, incense holders, candlesticks… the list goes on. Just hop onto Pinterest and you will see all of the pottery projects happening right now. We have even started a Clay and Pottery Pinterest Board!


I can’t believe the number of people I see learning to paint now, including myself. I think the time spent inside brought out new passions and ways to create for a lot of people. Painting is one of those things that has always been around and it’s pretty easy to get supplies for. Most people already have painting supplies as a staple. I believe painting will continue to grow into 2021 with projects such as…

  1. Paint Pouring: basically mixing paint, water, and glue together then letting it swirl around on a Canvas.
  2. Rock Painting: just as it sounds, painting cool things on rocks.
  3. Front Door Makeovers


This art has exploded all over Instagram and Etsy. A calming and fun art form to learn, calligraphy can actually make you some extra cash! Not to mention Calligraphy Kits are SUPER cute. You can use calligraphy to create…

  1. Stationary Sets: letter writing has become popular again as people have been stuck inside with extra time on their hands.
  2. Custom Framed Quotes


Can you believe that this craft is making a comeback, well believe it! Our younger generation has discovered a love for crocheting, while putting a modern twist on it…

  1. Bucket Hats: in fun colors and funky shapes.
  2. Tote Bags: talk about the ultimate eco-friendly bag.
  3. Scalloped crop tops: so much prettier than you think!

Candle Making

People have been into making candles for a few years now, but we are starting to get into the super creative side of candle making – unique shapes and different types of wax. I believe candle making is going to get very interesting this year! Some of the candle making crafts already on this trend include…

  1. Bubble Candles: a candle that is shaped to mimic bubbles.
  2. Feminine Goddess Candle: celebrating the shapes of women.
  3. Apothecary Style Candles: for the spirit.

Happy crafting!