Grand Millennium Style: All You Need To Know

So, what is this Grand Millennium style that is taking Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok by storm?

In the design and craft world, just about all artsy things have an impact on each other. When looking for new and trending crafts to do, it’s not a bad idea to check out what direction fashion or interior design is headed. It can spark creativity and keep you on track for trends.

That’s why I was fascinated to discover that a new interior design style has emerged recently and it’s called…

“Grand Millennial”.

I had to do a little digging to figure out what this style actually meant. But after reading a few articles, it all clicked as to why and how this design style evolved in 2020. I am somewhat of a “Grand Millennial” stylist myself, not all the way, but I certainly have adopted some of these design traits over the years in my own home.

I’ve narrowed it down to 3 main aspects that I believe are the driving force behind this latest design craze…

Antiques and Thrifty Finds

This has been a trend for a while now, but is taking a different twist with the Grand Millennial style. It started with the whole DIY boom in the 90’s. Everyone suddenly wanted to do their own projects for their homes, and with the rise of eco-friendly and recycling, up cycling thrift store finds became a huge thing.

But people were taking hand-me-downs or the cheapest thrift store finds and altering them to fit a shabby chic vibe. Walking away from a thrift store with a huge haul of things to recreate was the thing to do throughout the 2000’s.

The difference with the Grand Millennial style is quality over quantity. Millennials are still looking to save money and be eco-friendly by recycling but they are searching for the right pieces that don’t necessarily need a lot of DIY. Because of this, we are seeing a lot of old styles in their pure vintage form.

The recent popularity of 19th and early 20th century TV and Film

Hello Downton Abbey and Bridgeton. Who knew that these shows would take off like they did!? I for one became obsessed with Downton Abbey.

The old world styles of wall paper, prints, ruffles, antiques, wicker, bamboo, and china all echo throughout these now popular series that Millennials are drawn to. Not to mention everyone is stuck inside and binge watching and re-watching shows like this.

The style has almost been engrained in our heads! I mean who does’t want to be fancy like the Dukes and Duchesses, right?


COVID has forced us to stay home and become friends with our spaces. Before the pandemic, the average young person would spend 8 or more hours at work, and typically go out with friends with the rest of their time.

Home was a place to come back to, relax for a little bit and then go to sleep. But in 2020, we found ourselves in our homes twice as much as usual. It left many people quite a bit lonely.

I think whether subconsciously or not, millennials began decorating their homes to mimic a “familiar” and “safe” place – grandma’s house! It’s no wonder this design style has also been referred to as Granny Chic. Millennials have even adopted knitting and crocheting like good ol’ grandma!

The best way to not feel lonely is by creating an atmosphere that you remember from childhood. Spaces become your friends, your past memories, and you suddenly feel as though you are just spending the weekend at grandma’s.

I believe that these 3 key design elements mixed in with a modern, comfortable and fun millennial vibe is what has made the Grand Millennial style a thing. The traditional Grand design back in the day was a bit stiff. You couldn’t lay on a beautiful sofa and nosh on potato chips back then! That’s what makes this style “Millennial”. It’s comfortable yet grand.

While I am still a vintage farmhouse kind of gal, I do love seeing this style develop and have certainly found myself looking at my Grandmother’s furniture a little more closely!