7 Popular Easter Egg Projects for 2021

Easter egg projects time is right around the corner! Because Easter is so early in April this year, I think it will creep up on us before we know it.

With Covid still lurking, people will likely be staying home again this year for Easter and doing things with family. A perfect project for Easter is decorating Easter Eggs! There have been so many creative Easter Egg projects and ideas coming out lately. I decided to round-up 7 popular Easter Egg projects for you.

All of these ideas do require hard boiled eggs. I suggest hard boiling at least a dozen eggs or more. A few eggs may crack and will need to be thrown away, so depending on how many eggs you want to decorate, always boil about 3 more.

1 Easy Easter Eggs Project – Black and White

This is such a simple DIY using eggs and a black sharpie. That’s it!! The designs in this example include popular geometric shapes, dots, eyelashes, cactus, and more. You can draw just about any trending shapes onto eggs and it will be a hit!

2 Tye-Dyed Easter Eggs Project

We’ve seen tie-dyed easter eggs in the past and there are several methods for making them including the shaving cream with Easter Egg Dye method. Either way, Tye-Dye is super in this year anyway so I think we will be seeing lots of Tye-Dyed Easter Eggs!

3 Intricate 3-D Designs with Paint on Easter Eggs

This is no surprise with the trending 3D embroidery trend and everyone learning to paint. You can find more about those trends in this blog post. I think we will be seeing a lot of intricately painted Easter Eggs this year that take a lot of time. We have the time after all!

4 Unique and Cheerful Design Shapes on Easter Eggs

People are getting so creative lately, I think we will see a lot of out-of-the-box ideas. Eggs will be painted into shapes and designs that don’t necessarily have anything to do with Easter but are just fun! Like this Ice-cream Egg example from Kara’s Party Ideas.

5 Words or Quotes on Easter Eggs

Another semi-easy project is taking a thin sharpie and writing words or sayings onto the eggs. You can also use a stencil or even do this with custom letter stickers. This farm-house trend will certainly be on the top of people’s mind this year.

6 Cactus Easter Egg Projects

The Cactus motif trend has been around for a little bit now and is still going strong. This super cute DIY project using Easter eggs, mini plant pots and rocks is a really fun project to do with kiddos!

7 Easter Egg Candles

Another craft trend this year is making candles in unique shapes, so it’s not a surprise that someone came up with this idea! You take real eggshells, and fill with candles wax and a wick to set. You can even make it more unique by decorating the easter eggs first and then making them into candles! Check out this Etsy shop who is selling eggs like this.

I hope you enjoyed these 7 Popular Easter Egg Projects. If you liked this post and are looking for more craft project round-ups, you should check out this blog post on 20 cool projects to do at home when you are bored. Also,if you end up using any of these easter egg projects, please comment below!

Hoppy Easter!