Can you use parchment paper to iron on vinyl instead of Teflon?

Can you use parchment paper to iron on vinyl

Imprinting designs with a heat press doesn’t take much work if you have the correct materials. You need a heat press, a design printed with infusible ink or a piece of high temperature vinyl, a surface to sublimate your design on, and a piece of Teflon paper.

However, some of these ingredients can be replaced with other materials you can easily find at home. For example, can you use parchment paper to iron on vinyl instead of Teflon sheets? Let’s see!

How to sublimate a shirt?

As we said before, the process of sublimation is quite easy. You first need to get:

  • A nice design you like, which can be printed on a paper or it can be a piece of vinyl
  • A heat press (you can buy yours at the Cricut website and choose the best one for you)
  • A piece of Teflon paper
  • A surface to sublimate

The process will be a little different depending on the type of material that you wan to imprint the design on.

For example, you cannot use HTV on a mug, but a printed design, and you will also need a specific type of heat press for this kind of project (you can also get it at Cricut’s website).

But specifically, how to do heat transfer vinyl on a T-shirt?

Once you have cut your design on a Cricut, preheat your surface with the heat press and set the vinyl on it. Remember to keep the transfer tape on for this part of the process.

Cover the design with a big enough piece of Teflon paper and use the heat press at about 400°C for 30 seconds. Remove the Teflon paper and the transfer tape off the surface, replace the Teflon paper, and use the heat press for other 30 seconds.

You’re done sublimating!

Can you use parchment paper to iron on vinyl or infused designs?

As we said before, some of the materials can be replaced by more common options. For example, you can use a regular home iron instead of an expensive heat press. “Can you use an iron instead of a heat press?

Always remember to get an iron with temperature control and a plain surface without holes. But another option to make your sublimation process easier is replacing Teflon paper with ordinary parchment paper.

However, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Using parchment paper for heat press works perfectly fine with fabric surfaces and vinyl. There’s really no difference between this paper and Teflon.

But you have to be careful with infusible ink, especially when working with mugs.

In this case, you will have to apply several layers of parchment paper heat press, as the ink can “bleed” in the heating process and the smooth surface of mugs doesn’t absorb the excess ink, which can ruin your piece.

Applying several layers will keep everything in place.

Here is an interesting video with an example of how to use parchment paper for iron on:

We hope this quick tutorial answered your question. Can you use parchment paper to iron on vinyl? If the answer was not clear: Yes, you can!

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Happy craft! 🙂