Can Cricut cut magnet sheets (DIY Tutorial 2023)

Do you want to know how to get the perfect cut with your Cricut magnet sheets on your Cricut machine? For that, you need to know exactly how to set up the materials and today I will explain specifically how to do it.

In the case of magnet sheets for Cricut, you can do it on both your Cricut Maker and your Explore Air 2, so if you are thinking “Can Cricut cut magnet sheets?” Now you know that it does have 2 optional machines to do it (although in today’s case we will see only the one for the Cricut Maker).

These magnets can be a great commercial venture and you can also make gifts, souvenirs, and everything you can think of with your creativity.

It is a super easy and fast method because you can make many magnet products in a few minutes.

So let’s not waste time and let’s create!

Can Cricut cut magnet sheets? (Best way 2022)

To start with this tutorial I will show you how to set up the materials in Cricut, this will seem super simple, but you have to consider some elements like the millimeter (or thickness) of the materials you are combining or maybe look carefully what kind of indications you need if the material you are acquiring is not of the Cricut brand (in case this is the case). 

Another important fact is that you are using the cut and print function of Cricut, so you may already know some of the steps to follow.

I can also assure you that all the materials offered by the Cricut brand are on their website, you just need to put the name that says the package of your material, and there you will see exactly the type of cut you need to make according to the machine you have.

Now my recommendation is that you always use a little extra material before doing the test and that you do it on a sheet or maybe two (depending on how complex is the material you use) so you can experiment before you start (I usually do tests or experiments before to not fail and waste a lot of material later, that’s why I recommend you to practice before you start). 

Once you are in Cricut Design Space you can create a circle and there you can put the different settings for your machine to make the necessary pressure. You may also have to change the number of passes the blade makes and you can decide which is the best shape to use for your material. 

This step is super important when you create stickers for example since you apply an additional layer to seal it differently with some kind of clearer and other steps.  

Well let’s go to the long-awaited step-by-step of “Can Cricut cut magnet sheets”:

Materials needed:

  • Printable magnet sheets (Printable vinyl magnet sheets for Cricut)
  • Magnetic sheets (can be any brand you want).Step 1
    The first thing you need is to know what materials you need and the design of what you want to do.

The magnetic sheets come in photo size and have a white part to protect the sticker and black backing, which is the magnet part, so what you will do before cutting is to open the printable magnet sheets to place the magnet on the back of the vinyl.  

  • Step #1

    The first thing you need is to know what materials you need and the design of what you want to do.

  • Step #2.

    Then you place your design on the mat and send it to print. Then turn off the “Bleed” and press “Print”. 

  • Step #3.

    Open the vinyl and make sure it is well stretched so you don’t have any bubbles. After this, place the magnetic sheet on it, and with the scraper, you give it a pass so that it perfectly adheres. 

  • Step #4.

    Put your magnet sheets for Cricut ready (with the design and the adhesive) back on the mat and look in the app “All materials”, then “Material settings”, once there, look again at the bottom of the screen “Adhere a new material” and put “Vinyl with magnet”. 

  • Step #5

    In blades put “deep cut blade”, in pressure would be about 300 and in “off” x2. Press “Save” and now you can look for the name of the material added, select it and click on “Done”. 

Finally, your magnetic sheet is perfect and ready to use!

In this video, you can follow the steps on how to cut your magnet sheets:

The ideal for this type of material is that the white rings go to the sides, so they don’t interfere with the thickness of the material.

Also if you want you can add glue or glitter on top so they look more fabulous but that will depend on you and your style. 

You can play with your creativity and design animals, spaceships, planets, and much more to decorate all your household appliances or metallic objects as you prefer.

I am sure you will enjoy doing this type of crafts that you will find ideal to do in your free time or as a new hobby (and why not a profitable hobby). 

Just make sure you follow all the instructions to the letter and be careful not to make any mistakes!

You already know that Cricut is great and will make everything perfect so get creative!

It is certainly an excellent opportunity for souvenirs for baby showers, children’s birthdays, or parties in general. Surely they will ask you how you did it and how “can Cricut cut magnet sheets”, for you can explain yourself your new knowledge or just pass them this tutorial.

This step-by-step is made to help, so I hope you found it useful and easy! 

I’m sure you’ll love it and you’ll be encouraged to try Cricut magnet sheets!

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Happy crafting!

You can do it!