How to curve texts in Cricut for cool designs

There are many different format variants you can use to achieve great-looking designs in your labels and motivational phrases.

It’s not the same to have a water bottle with a dull “have a nice day” written with a black typewriter font than using a colorful cursive with nice ornaments and doodles.

You can use any of the hundreds of fonts Cricut offers or get new ones from the internet, use any PNG images you like, and you can later adapt the design with the Cricut Design Space to customize it to your own taste.

So, let’s see how to curve texts in Cricut!

How to curve texts in Cricut Design Space

  • Step #1: Key in the text

    The process to curve texts in Cricut is quite simple, as the Cricut software is really easy to use and will guide you through the process. First, you need to enter the app and click on the Text tool. Write whichever phrase you want to use on your project. If you want to write a text with several lines, don’t include them all in the same text box. Create a single text box for each line. This is very important, as the program doesn’t allow multi-lined texts to be curved, so the process wouldn’t work. If you have already written your text in only one box, click on the “Ungroup into lines” button to split the text into several text boxes.
  • Step #2: increase the spacing between letters

    Select the piece of text you want to curve and toggle the “Letter space” to intersperse the letters a bit so that they don’t overlap after curving. You can touch up this feature later, after curving, in case you see it needs a bigger gap between letters. Now comes the time to curve!
  • #Step 3: Curve it!

    How to curve letters on Cricut? Click on the “Curve” button on the toolbar and wait for an instant while the program analyzes your text. Once it’s done analyzing, you will see a slider with a number box next to it. You will see the slider control is in the middle and the number box is on zero. This slider works like the slider on a “contrast” controller on a photo editing app. The original condition is in the middle, and dragging the slider to the left or to the right will provide different effects. In this case, dragging the slider to the left will give you an upward curve, and sliding it to the right, a downward curve.
  • Step #4: measure the curve

    You will see the number next to the slider will change according to how much you drag the pin. To the left, you will see negative numbers, and to the right, they will be positive. Drag the pin as far as you want to create the perfect curve for your text. If you have several text lines to work on, you can match the curve perfectly by copying the number on the slider number text on each line. This will make for a perfect alignment!

How to create a circular seal logo

How to curve text in Cricut Design Space into a seal logo?
As we said before, one of the features you can create with this tool is a seal logo.

You can cut stickers with this shape to offer your clients a nice detail for their products, or if you have your own start-up, use them on your own products!

  1. The ideal seal logo contains three text lines, with just a couple of words each. Let’s use “Best quality guaranteed” as an example.
  2. Write each of these phrases on a single text box and shape “Best” into a half circle curved downwards, and “Quality” curved upwards.
  3. Remember to copy the same number, but use a negative value for the upwards curve.
  4. Place “Guaranteed” in the middle, and make it a little bigger. Play with the colors and the font to make it look professional and attractive.

How to curve text in Cricut on iPad

Unfortunately, some features are not the same in the desktop version of Cricut Design Space as in the mobile apps, and such is the case for the Curve function.

However, you can first use another app to create the design and later import it to Design Space for cutting.

One of the apps you can use is “Phonto”. This is a free app you can find both on Android and iPhones and it has lots of different functions.

It has many different options to customize your text with backgrounds, shadows, highlighting and, what’s more important here, curving!

Use this app to create your ideal text and save it as a PNG image. Import it to your Cricut project and let’s get cutting!

Use this tutorial about how to curve texts in Cricut to get the best dynamic designs for your projects!

If you are thinking of making curved text for your vinyl decals, here is an article about “Can you use Cricut pen on vinyl?“.

Happy Crafts!