Can you use Cricut pen on vinyl? (best answer 2023)

draw on vinyl

If you are wondering “Can you use Cricut pen on vinyl?” the answer is, yes, you can! but take into count that it has to be a special vinyl called “Smart label” writable vinyl. 

Today I will show you how to write with your Cricut pens on vinyl. It really is a super easy and simple method.

I think you will love to do it because what you write with the Cricut pen on the Smart label vinyl will not fade over time, it’s permanent when the ink is dried.

You can write with Cricut as many times as you want and make all the crafts you can think of, you can make souvenirs, signs for children’s school supplies, cards, stickers, stencils, decorations, and much more.

Just make sure you choose the right pen and the typography you like the most. Also try to always do a test with a little bit of material, in this case, vinyl, to know how to use Cricut pen and not make mistakes that will delay you later.

I’m sure you already feel like starting, so let’s write on that vinyl!

Can you use Cricut pen on vinyl (Best DIY)

You should also keep in mind that writing on vinyl paper is a bit complex since it has a type of texture that makes it easy to erase what you write. That is why the ideal is to use the Cricut Smart label writable vinyl that will leave your text permanently.

Another important fact is that the “Cricut pens” can be used on a wide variety of materials.

Some of the surfaces you can use these pens are:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Vinyl
  • Leather (and much more)

Today we will see how to write on vinyl, so it will be a really easy technique, you just have to choose as I said, the thickness of your pen, ie if it will be bold, ultra bold, or normal, and also if the tip of your pen should be fine, medium or calligraphy. 


Do not forget the color you want in your writing. There is also a great variety of shades, so you can let your creativity run wild. 

Now step by step on how to use Cricut pen :

  • Step #1

    You open the Cricut program and choose the font you like in the “Writing” option, here you surely have many fonts of different styles and thicknesses, so get inspired by the design you have in mind.

  • Step #2

    Then choose the font size and line spacing. If you would like the font much closer together, or on the contrary more spaced apart, you can select what you wrote and edit it manually.

    You can also click here to learn how to curve text in Cricut.

  • Step #3

    Once you have your writing ready, click on “make it” and then choose the option “Without mat” for smart materials on the first screen that pops up.

  • Step #4

    Set the material choosing “Smart Label writable Vinyl”

  • Step #5

    Finally, you place your Cricut pen face down in gate A and push it until you hear a click. Align your material, and let it work!

    And you have your Cricut pens projects on vinyl-ready! 

To see a step-by-step tutorial on “Can you use Cricut pen on vinyl” here is a video about: 

I hope this tutorial has helped you and you can create logos, labels, stickers, and much more with your vinyl.

The great thing about vinyl is that it is a very versatile material, so you can get inspired, and why not, even decorate your home with a vinyl written with Cricut? 

It’s always a pleasure to help you bring out your creative potential and push you to create!

If you are interested in knowing more about Cricut pens projects you can read this article on how to write with Cricut by clicking here.

Happy Crafts!

See you in the next Cricut step by step!

You can do it! Cheer up!