How to write with Cricut (Easy and best way)

How to write with Cricut

Welcome to another Cricut tutorial! Today I will show you how to write with a super simple and easy technique for how to write with Cricut using Cricut pens and what types of projects I use them on.

The “Cricut pen projects” come in different colors and line thicknesses. For example, you can find on the tail of the pen the specifications with letters: C is for calligraphy pens (Cricut calligraphy pen), M is the medium point, F is for a fine point, etc.

Let’s get started! 

How to write with Cricut (Best way 2022)

It can be said that the fine point and gel pens are ideal for small letters, while the calligraphy (Cricut calligraphy pen) and medium point pens are perfect for making labels or logos.

As you will also notice with the calligraphy pen, you have many more fines and thick line details that can add a touch of depth or shadow.

You can also use other types of frosted pens on both white and black cardstock.

Step by step:

  1. As a first step you can check if the tip of your pen is dry, so you can take a piece of paper and write to check if it is working properly.
  2. Once you have them ready, look for a font in the Cricut app in the “Writing” style. also in the settings you can search and choose the thickness you want, that is if you want to use the thin, you choose in the app F. In addition, you can also put the color you want to go in the letters.
  3. Then you choose the font you want and type.
    You can know How to download fonts to Cricut Design space by clicking here.

    Select everything and press “Attach”, then click on the green “Make it” button.
  4. Arrange and center your text so that it comes out perfect on your sheet (as you will also see you are in the “draw” selection), click “continue” and select your machine (in this case we will use “Cricut Maker”).
  5. Then you select the material you will use, for example, light cardboard, and you are going to put the pen, for example, the black 0.4-millimeter pen, in gate A.

Finally, if you look for a triangle on your pen, you will see that its tip indicates how to place it and how far you should put it in the Cricut machine.

Once you know this information, you take it and place it face down on gate A and push it until you hear a click. Then you close the gate, load the Mat and finally press the Cricut button to start tracing your writing.

The time it takes to draw the first line is about 2 minutes. When you finish this action, if you want to change the pen color or thickness you can do it. 

And now you know how to use pens on Cricut!

No doubt this is a super easy DIY tutorial and you can make all the Cricut pen projects you want. 

I hope this tutorial about “how to write with Cricut” helps you to write without any problem!

Happy crafting! you can do it!

See you in the next tutorial!