How to download fonts to Cricut and where to get them

Cricuts have thousands of different uses! You can create designs with cute figures or pictures, you can even make designs with several colors, and you can create labels or motivational phrases to stick on the water bottles you take to the gym or on the computer you use to work.

Cricut Design Space is the software created to send your designs to your Cricut for cutting, but you can also use it to come up with a new design from scratch.

If you have the Cricut Access membership, you can get more than 75,000 images and 400 fonts perfect for cutting, but you can always get more! Go on reading to find out how to download fonts to Cricut.

As said above, the fonts provided by the Cricut software are perfect for cutting. Always consider that letters should have some thickness so that the machine has something to cut! Some fonts may be too thin to cut.

That’s why, with Cricut fonts, you can always ensure a good result! However, there is a limited variety and you may want to get some more!

How to download fonts to Cricut for original designs?

The first thing you need to do to have new fonts for your Cricut designs is download them from the internet.

You can simply google “Download new fonts” and you will get thousands of options, both for free or paid.

You don’t need to get anything specific for vinyl cutting; these fonts are used for all kinds of graphic design projects. What you need to keep in mind is, as we said before, that the font is not too thin.

Your lettering should have some consistency so that you can later stick it on another surface.

There are some other concepts you should want to keep in mind to search for specific types of fonts according to what you need:

  • Serif fonts
  • Sans Serif fonts
  • Cursive

Serif and Sans Serif are opposites. The serif are those extra strokes at the end of the main strokes of the letter. For example, have you seen some fonts have a little base in letter T? That’s the serif. One common serif font is Times New Roman. They are similar to typewriter fonts.

On the other hand, Sans Serif (by the way, “sans” means “without”) are those fonts that don’t have this base at the bottom of letters. A typical Sans Serif font is Arial.

And finally, cursive fonts represent handwriting. They are curvy letters that are often connected. These can be very good for vinyl cutting, as each word will come out in an only piece instead of one piece per letter.

This classification will allow you to search for a specific kind of typography, downloading a bunch of them all together in a bundle and avoid wasting time looking at each font one by one. Of course, the searching process can also be part of then fun, it’s up to you!

How to add fonts to Cricut design space?

One of the websites you can download cute fonts from is Dafont. There are tons of Dafont Cricut fonts you can choose from, and you can download them easily and for free. Choose which one you want and click on download.

You will see that the website offers a preview section where you can sample what your text is going to look like with this font and also see all the doodles that come together with standard letters and symbols.

Once you have downloaded the font, you will have to look for it in your “Downloads” folder.

You will find a folder with the name of the font in it. Click on it, and it will contain a few files. Choose the one with a file type called “TrueFont” or “OpenFont” or anything similar.

Right-click on that file, and select install. The system will take a few seconds to install this font.

Up to here, the process is useful not only for Cricut projects but also for almost any other graphic design program that allows you to use external fonts besides the original software ones.

Here I leave you the pages that I like the most to download fonts:

MyFonts has an option called “What the font” where you can upload an image of the font you are looking for and it will guess the font and tell you the font name of the image.

How to upload fonts to Cricut for original designs?

Once you have installed the desired font (or fonts if you liked several), you need to open the design space app as usual, write the text you want to cut, and now you are going to select the font you downloaded.

You will see there are three tabs with fonts you can choose from saying “Cricut”, “System” and “All”. How to download fonts to Cricut if you cannot find the font you have just downloaded?

You are probably looking into the “Cricut” tab, so switch to any of the other too and it should be right there with the name it had on the website and in the folder.

Ta-dah! There you have it. Now you can use the font you downloaded on whichever project you want. After selecting it, take a look at the size, the thickness and other details that may change the final results.

We recommend making a test cut to see if this font (considering it is not specially made for Cricut) works for this kind of purpose.

You can even make a small sample of the whole alphabet to see how the vinyl, paper or whichever material you are working with looks like in all cases.

We hope this quick guide to find out How to download fonts to Cricut was very useful and now you can use your Cricut with many more options than the original.

If you still don’t know how to do the process of writing with the pens on your Cricut machine, we have made a step-by-step tutorial on how to write with Cricut.

Although the Cricut fonts may be the best in terms of technical details, creating a completely original work is the best! So keep up the cutting and go ahead with you wonderful new Cricut fonts!