Sublimation on glitter htv (in 7 easy steps)

white glitter vinyl

If you want to use sublimation on glitter htv (Heat transfer vinyl) on your t-shirts, you’re in the right place!  

You can find several techniques to customize t-shirts, but this time we are going to see specifically how to make a sublimation on glitter vinyl as it will leave an amazing look on your t-shirts.

It also has impressive durability (I have put the t-shirt with this sublimation in the washer and dryer and the design has remained intact).

The only thing you need to use is a 100% cotton t-shirt and the white frosted sheets for sublimation and sublimation printing sheets.

What I like about the white type is that if you use a colored print over the glitter, it will leave the colors intact but with a magical glitter effect that I love.

I found some cool designs for free you can download for your personalized t-shirt, click here to go to the page.

Let ‘s sublimate!  

How to make a sublimation on glitter htv (best way)

Once we are ready to begin the process of how to sublimate on vinyl, we take our sublimation on glitter htv that must be cut in mirror mode so that it can be properly shaped.

The cutting of these types of vinyl can be done either on a Silhouette Cameo 3 or a Cricut Maker. 

You can also make your prints with sublimation ink and special paper for sublimation (to place over your print with the glitter, remaining as a great sticker on your t-shirt).

You already know that these prints of your drawings have to be in mirror mode also and we must cut and outline an outline of the image with the glitter since this is the base of the drawing that we are going to print (what we will do is to cut with the shape of the printed image on the glitter leaving a margin of about 1.5 cm).

Finally, you should know that this is a normal textile vinyl, it is not a special one for sublimation, since its composition allows to sublimate it the same as the others, that is to say, it has nothing that makes it different.

glitter sublimation htv heart and rainbow

Step by step on how to sublimate on glitter htv:

  • Step#1:

    For the ironing of the ‘white glitter htv for sublimation’, (click here and you can find how to use a heat press machine) you need to set it at 155ºC for 13 seconds (that is what I consider ideal for this type of application).

    You can also fix the vinyl with adhesive tape so that it does not move when you lower the iron on the t-shirt (it is always better to have it as fixed as possible).

  • Step#2:

    Remember that we must have special protection to avoid damaging the vinyl because although it has a protective sheet (protective plastic), it is best to use a fabric with Teflon to protect it better and better distribute the heat. 

    You will take the cotton t-shirt for ironing and iron for 3 seconds to remove wrinkles and all moisture before sublimating.

  • Step#3:

    To center your sublimation, you can mark some lines like a cross or plus sign, to have them as axes and it will be perfect on your t-shirt.

  • Step#4:

    Everything is ready for the sublimation on glitter vinyl, you only have to make a little pressure (between medium to strong) with the iron lid on the glitter.

  • Step#5:

    When the alarm sounds, lift the lid carefully and with a cloth, you will begin to rub the entire surface of the glitter vinyl. 

    If you see that it is still hot, wait a few seconds before removing the plastic, because if it is too hot and you take it off, it may not adhere at all. 
    Better safe than sorry!

    The best way to remove the plastic from the vinyl is to do it diagonally and with a lot of patience and care.  

And that’s it, your white glitter htv for sublimation is ready!

  • Step#6:

    You can give a final touch of ironing for 3 seconds, on the vinyl glitter without the plastic (this will give an even better finish) but this is only good to do in the case of only sublimate glitter only if you want to add a drawing will no longer be necessary because there you will iron it again.

    You also know that if you want to add the print of a drawing it is the same process but in a different temperature method and heat graduation (180ºC for 60 seconds)

  • Step#7:

    Once you have the glitter, you can start with the sublimation of your drawing on it and that’s it! a great mix that makes your sublimation like a hologram effect full of glitter. 

Sublimation on glitter htv_

If your drawing is bigger than the size of your iron, you can do them in two batches:

First, you do one part (it can be the upper one) and then the other (the lower one), don’t worry if you do this, it will be perfect.

The important thing is that you iron the whole drawing and do not leave anything cold, otherwise it will not adhere to the t-shirt.

You can also try with gray glitter or any other color you want, but you have to know that depending on the color will affect the tone of your design.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful craft, you can use it on as many t-shirts as you want and if it is for children I assure you they will love it! 

Put into practice all your new knowledge about sublimation on glitter htv and why not, create a new economic venture. The elements you need are easy to get and they won’t be expensive. 

As always, it is a pleasure to help you create and exploit all your creativity!

See you in the next DIY tutorial!

Happy crafting! 

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